A&D Medical UA-774

A&D Medical UA-774 инструкция

  • Trilingual Instruction Guide – UA-774
    Dual Memory Auto-Inflate
    Blood Pressure Monitor
    Please read this important information before using your monitor.
    Please remember that only a medical practitioner is qualified
    to interpret your blood pressure measurements. Use of this
    device should not replace regular medical examinations.
    Have your physician review your procedure for using this
    device. He or she will want to verify blood pressure
    measurements before prescribing or adjusting medications.
    Consult your physician if you have any doubt about your
    readings. Should a mechanical problem occur, contact
    A&D Medical.
    Do not attempt to service, calibrate, or repair this device.
    Because your UA-774 monitor contains delicate, high-
    precision parts, avoid exposing it to extremes in temperature
    or humidity or to direct sunlight, shock and dust. A&D
    Medical guarantees the accuracy of this device only when it is
    stored and used within the temperature and humidity ranges
    noted on page E-17.
    Clean the monitor and cuff with a dry, soft cloth or a cloth
    dampened with water and a mild detergent. Never use alcohol,
    benzene, thinner or other harsh chemicals to clean monitor or
    Remove and replace batteries if monitor is not used for more
    than six months
    The UA-774 is designed to be used at home, by those who
    are eighteen (18) years and older, to monitor blood pressure
    (systolic and diastolic) and pulse rate. It is not designed for
    ambulatory use.
A&D Medical UA-774

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Технические характеристики A&D Medical UA-774

Бренд A&D Medical
Модель UA-774
Изделие Сфигмоманометр
Язык Engels
Тип файла PDF

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