Benro KH26NL

Benro KH26NL инструкция

    Do no t exceed the max imum speci ed
    load capacity (see speci
    cations at
    Always ensure that Leg and Head Locks
    are tightly engaged b efo re moun ting any
    gear on your Tripod.
    Always clean and dry any Tripod after it
    has been exposed to wet, dusty, sandy
    or salty conditions. Your Tripod is not
    recommended for us e in salt water. If
    required, cle an trip od using a mild soap
    solution applied with a soft cloth, rinse
    with fresh water and d ry with soft towel.
    Remove any dust, dirt or
    sand from all Leg
    Locks, Leg Sections and all moving pa rts.
    Do no t leave any Tripod in the s un for
    prolonged periods and avoid high
    temperat ure exposure.
    Avoid leaving any Tripod or M onopod
    unattended in are as whe re people could
    trip over the gear and get hurt.
    Remove cam era , lens , and all gear from
    any tripod when transporting.
    For your safety, don’t let your Ben ro
    gear come in contact with any electrical
    power source.
    Video Tripod Kits
    75 Virginia Road
    North White Plains, NY 10603
    T 914.347.3300
    F 914.347.3309
    Operating Instructions
    Thank you for making Benro your choice for professional photographic
    equipment. Your Benro gear is manufactured to provide years of
    dependable se rvice. In order to obtain optimum satisfaction and
    performance, we suggest that you carefully read these instructions.
    Specifications and design are subject
    to ch ange w ithout notice.
    Operating Instructions & User Notice
Benro KH26NL

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Технические характеристики Benro KH26NL

Бренд Benro
Модель KH26NL
Изделие Штатив
EAN 6931747300983
Язык английский
Тип файла PDF
Предназначение Digital/film cameras
Максимальная емкость (вес) 5
Количество ножек 3
Количекство секций ноги 3
Цвет товара Черный
Вес и размеры
Высота (мин) 860
Высота (макс) 1830
Максимальный диаметр трубки ноги 18
Минимальный диаметр трубки ноги 14
Вес 4000

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