Black & Decker HC431

Black & Decker HC431 инструкция

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    Electrical connection (UK user)
    Before using your appliance, ensure the voltage on the charger
    corresponds with your mains supply. Never use a light socket!
    Do not replace the charger with a 13 amp plug or any other type
    of charger. If in doubt, seek advice from your nearest electricity
    board or Black & Decker service centre.
    Safety points
    The charger is for indoor use only.
    Keep motor draught away from eyes and face during use.
    Keep children and pets at a safe distance away when in use.
    Never use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids.
    Product features (Fig. A)
    1. On/off slide switch
    2. Release button
    3. Dust bowl
    4. Wall mountable charging base
    4a. Deluxe base with accessories (if supplied)
    5. Charger
    Please note: The illustrations show a loop handle unit, however,
    some units have a stick handle.
    Installation instructions (Fig. B)
    Fix the charging base vertically to the wall using the
    screws and plugs supplied, as illustrated,and within reach
    of a power socket. Plug in and place the product into
    position. The charging base can also be fixed, or simply
    placed, in a convenient horizontal position.
    Note: Avoid damaging the cable while fixing the holder to
    the wall or when removing or replacing the product from
    the holder.
    From new, the rechargeable cells of the product need a minimum
    charge time of 16 hours to ensure full power. We suggest you
    fully discharge the product when it is used for the first time as this
    will help the cells recharge faster. The switch must be in the off
    position; the product will not charge if it is in any other
    position. Whilst charging, the charger will get warm; this is
    perfectly normal and safe, and your product can remain on
    charge indefinitely without damage or danger. It is not possible to
    “overcharge” the battery cells with the charger provided.
    How to use (Figs. C & D)
    To start, slide the on/off switch forward (i.e. 0 = off, I = on).
    To stop, slide the switch back.
Black & Decker HC431

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Бренд Black & Decker
Модель HC431
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Язык английский, голландский, немецкий, французский, испанский, итальянский, португальский
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