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6. Important Messages and Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.‘Low Power’ message displayed on the screen
When this message occurs, please recharge your battery as soon as possible.
Q2. Can't power up the device after charging more than 20 minutes:
For the first time, the device should be charged at least 40 minute prior tuning on, It is recommended
that the battery should be fully charged before using the device.
Q3. Can't hear anything on handsfree:
you should check the followings
Handsfree is power on
Handsfree has paired with a handset
Handsfree has connected with a handset except that the handset supports Handsfree Profile only
Handsfree and handset are within 10 meters working distance
Handsfree and handset has good single strength
Q4. Handsfree can not be found when a handset tries to pair with it
Your handsfree may not be in the pairing mode, please refer section 2.5.1 for details.
Q5. Does the paired handsfree or the paired handset need to be repaired after power off
No. Please note that for the handset supports handsfree profile, the handsfree and the handset must
be connected first. Refer section 2.5.4 for details.
Q6.Voice dialing does not work
Check whether or not your handset supports voice dialing function and then make sure you have
recorded the voice tag. Please note that noisy environment will affect voice dialing.
HFB 400 is well-designed communications devices. Careful maintenance and proper use will extend the
product life and keep its performance.The maintenance procedures recommended below may be
helpful to you:
Always turn off power and keep your device in a safe place when it is not in use
Keep the device dry, away from water, precipitation, humidity, moisture, and various liquids that
may corrode electronic circuits. If your device gets wet, turn it off immediately and wait until the
device gets dry completely before using it
Keep the device away from dusty and dirty places. Otherwise, the mechanic and electronic parts
could be damaged
Do not store the device in high temperatures or in direct sunlight. Extreme high temperature
could degrade performance, reduce battery lifetime, and wrap or melt the certain plastics.
Do not store the device in too cold place. Moisture could form inside the device when you take it
to a warm place.This could damage the internal electronic circuits.
Avoid dropping, knocking, and shaking the device.The mechanical parts and the internal electronic
circuits could be broken.
Avoid using hash chemicals, cleaning solvents, and any other strong detergent to clean the device.
You may use a clean and slightly damp cloth to clean the device
Always take to device to the nearest authorized service facility for repairing if it is malfunctioning.
Disassembling, modifying, and replacing components yourself could degrade product performance,
cause damages, and terminate warranty



HFB 400


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