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Operation Guide 5117

To turn an alarm on and off
1. In the Alarm Mode, use D to select an alarm.
2. Press A to toggle it on and off.
The current on/off status of an alarm (
, ,
, or ) is indicated by “ ” (ON) or
(OFF) on its Alarm Mode screen.
In all modes, the alarm on indicator is shown for any
alarm that is currently turned on.
The alarm on indicator flashes while the alarm is
The snooze alarm indicator flashes while the snooze
alarm is sounding and during the 5-minute intervals
between alarms.
Alarm on
Snooze alarm indicator
To turn the Hourly Time Signal on and off
1. In the Alarm Mode, use D to select the Hourly Time
Signal (
2. Press A to toggle it on and off.
The Hourly Time Signal on indicator is shown on the
display in all modes while this function is turned on.
Hourly time signal
on indicator


An LED (light-emitting diode) illuminates the face of the
watch for easy reading in the dark. The watch’s auto light
switch turns on illumination automatically when you angle
the watch towards your face.
The auto light switch must be turned on (indicated by
the auto light switch on indicator) for it to operate.
See “Illumination Precautions” for other important
information about using illumination.
To illuminate the display manually
In any mode (except when a setting screen is on the
display), press B to turn on the illumination for about one
The above operation turns on illumination regardless of
the current auto light switch setting.
Auto light switch
on indicator
About the Auto Light Switch
Turning on the auto light switch causes illumination to turn on, whenever you position
your wrist as described below in any mode.
Note that this watch features a “Full Auto LED Light”, so the auto light switch operates
only when available light is below a certain level. It does not illuminate the display
under bright light.
The auto light switch is always disabled, regardless of its on/off setting, when any
one of the following conditions exists.
-While an alarm is sounding
-While a signal receive operation is in progress
Moving the watch to a position that is parallel to the ground and then tilting it towards
you more than 40 degrees causes illumination to turn on.
Wear the watch on the outside of your wrist.
Parallel to
More than
Always make sure you are in a safe place whenever you are reading the
display of the watch using the auto light switch. Be especially careful when
running or engaged in any other activity that can result in accident or injury.
Also take care that sudden illumination by the auto light switch does not
startle or distract others around you.
When you are wearing the watch, make sure that its auto light switch is turned
off before riding a bicycle or operating a motorcycle or any other motor
vehicle. Sudden and unintended operation of the auto light switch can create a
distraction, which can result in a traffic accident and serious personal injury.
To turn the auto light switch on and off
In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down B for about three seconds to toggle the auto
light switch on (auto light switch on indicator displayed) and off (auto light switch on
indicator not displayed).
The auto light switch on indicator is on the display in all modes while the auto light
switch is turned on.

Power Supply

This watch is equipped with a solar cell and a special rechargeable battery (secondary
battery) that is charged by the electrical power produced by the solar cell. The
illustration shown below shows how you should position the watch for charging.
Example: Orient the watch so its face is
pointing at a light source.
The illustration shows how to position
a watch with a resin band.
Note that charging efficiency drops
when any part of the solar cell is
blocked by clothing, etc.
You should try to keep the watch
outside of your sleeve as much as
possible. Charging is reduced
significantly if the face is covered only
Solar cell
Storing the watch for long periods in an area where there is no light or wearing it in
such a way that it is blocked from exposure to light can cause rechargeable battery
power to run down. Be sure that the watch is exposed to bright light whenever
This watch uses a special rechargeable battery to store power produced by the solar
cell, so regular battery replacement is not required. However, after very long use, the
rechargeable battery may lose its ability to achieve a full charge. If you experience
problems getting the special rechargeable battery to charge fully, contact your dealer
or CASIO distributor about having it replaced.
Never try to remove or replace the watch’s special battery yourself. Use of the wrong
type of battery can damage the watch.
The current time and all other settings return to their initial factory defaults whenever
battery power drops to Level 5 (C) and when you have the battery replaced.
Turn on the watch’s Power Saving function and keep it in an area normally exposed
to bright light when storing it for long periods. This helps to keep the rechargeable
battery from going dead.
Battery Power Indicator
(Charge Soon Aler t)
Battery Power Indicator and Power Recovery Mode indicator
The battery power indicator indicates you the current status of the rechargeable
battery’s power.
Function Status
All functions enabled.
All functions enabled.
Auto and manual receive,
illumination, and beeper
Except for timekeeping, all
functions and display
indicators disabled.
All functions disabled.
Battery Power
The flashing indicator at Level 3 (L) tells you that battery power is very low,
and that exposure to bright light for charging is required as soon as possible.
At Level 5 (C), all functions are disabled and settings return to their initial factory
defaults. Once the battery reaches Level 2 (M) after falling to Level 5 (C), reconfigure
the current time, date, and other settings.
Display indicators reappear as soon as the battery is charged from Level 5 (C) to
Level 2 (M).
The watch’s Home City code setting will change automatically to TYO (Tokyo)
whenever the battery drops to Level 5 (C). With this Home City code setting, the
watch is configured to receive the time calibration signals of Japan. If you are using
the watch in North America or Europe, or China you will need to change the Home
City code setting to match your location whenever the battery drops to Level 5 (C).
Leaving the watch exposed to direct sunlight or some other very strong light source
can cause the battery power indicator to show a reading temporarily that is higher
than the actual battery level. The correct battery level should be indicated after a few
Overuse of display illumination or the beeper can cause
the R (Recover) indicator to appear in the upper display,
which indicates that the watch is in the battery power
recovery mode. Face illumination, the alarm, the
countdown timer alarm, time signals, and all hand
operations are disabled in the power recovery mode.
The watch continues to keep time internally, so normal
timekeeping and function will resume as soon as battery
power recovers to normal levels, which is indicated
when the R indicator disappears.
If R (recover) appears frequently, it probably means that
remaining battery power is low. Leave the watch in bright
light for some time to allow it to charge.
Power recovery
mode indicator
Charging Precautions
Certain charging conditions can cause the watch to become very hot. Avoid leaving
the watch in the areas described below whenever charging its rechargeable battery.
Also note that allowing the watch to become very hot can cause its liquid crystal
display to black out. The appearance of the LCD should become normal again when
the watch returns to a lower temperature.
Leaving the watch in bright light to charge its rechargeable battery can cause it
to become quite hot. Take care when handling the watch to avoid burn injury.
The watch can become particularly hot when exposed to the following
conditions for long periods.
On the dashboard of a car parked in direct sunlight
Too close to an incandescent lamp
Under direct sunlight
Charging Guide
After a full charge, timekeeping remains enabled for up to about six months.
The following table shows the amount of time the watch needs to be exposed to light
each day in order to generate enough power for normal daily operations.
For details about the battery operating time and daily operating conditions, see the
“Power Supply” section of the Specifications.
Stable operation is promoted by frequent exposure to light.
Exposure Level (Brightness)
Outdoor Sunlight (50,000 lux)
Sunlight Through a Window (10,000 lux)
Daylight Through a Window on a Cloudy Day (5,000 lux)
Indoor Fluorescent Lighting (500 lux)
Exposure Time
8 minutes
30 minutes
48 minutes
8 hours


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