Digicom PCI LAN 10-100

Digicom PCI LAN 10-100 инструкция

  • PCI CARD 10/100
    Users Guide
    Dear customer,
    thank you for purchasing a Digicom product.
    With your Digicom PCI Card 10/100 network card you can connect your
    PC to a Local Area Network regardless of its operating speed (10 or 100
    Using PCI card 10/100 will bring several advantages thanks to its advanced
    features and simple installation:
    l Plug and Play
    l Autosensing, operating speed is automatically detected as soon as cable
    is plugged
    l Full Duplex at 10 and 100Mbit/s
    l Wake On Lan function
    l Driver support for most common operating systems
    l PCI Card 10/100
    l User Guide
    l Wake On Lan cable
    l Driver diskette
    The following installation rules should be respected in order to have the
    best working order of the equipment and for the users safety.
    from 0 to + 55°C from 5 to 95% n.c.
    from 32 to 131°F
    Rapid changes of temperature or humidity should be avoided (0,03°C/
    l Dust, humidity, heat from direct sun light.
    l Objects which irradiate heat. These could cause damage to the container
    or other problems.
    l Objects which produce a strong electtromagnetic field (loudspeakers,
    l Liquids or chemical corrosive substances.
    This product satisfies the basic requirements of Electromagnetic
    Compatibility and Safety of the below indicated Directive:
    l 89/336/CEE of 3 May 1989 with subsequent modifications (Directive
    92/31/CEE of April 28, 1992, Directive 93/68/CEE of July 22,1993 and
    Directive 93/97/CEE of 29 October 1993).
    l 73/23/CEE of February 19, 1973 with subsequent modifications
    (Directive 93/68 ECC of July 22, 1993).
    The equipment has been successfully tested according to the check
    procedure indicated on the inside back cover of the users manual. It is in
    conformity with the technical characteristics described in the users’ manual
    supplied with the equipment.
    l The equipment has a warranty which covers manufacturing and
    operating faults for the period indicated on the inside back cover of the
    users manual.
    l The warranty is to be considered freight forward and the goods must
    reach the address indicated below at customers expences.
    l Warranty means the substitution or repairing of fault products. Working
    hours used for repairing included in the warranty.
    l The estetic and the separable parts are not included in the warranty.
    l The warranty is not extended to equipments which have been subject
    to misuse, improper installation, electric discharge or repaired by
    unauthorized staff.
Digicom PCI LAN 10-100

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Посмотреть руководство для Digicom PCI LAN 10-100 бесплатно. Руководство относится к категории Сетевые карты / адаптеры, 1 человек(а) дали ему среднюю оценку 7.5. Руководство доступно на следующих языках: английский. У вас есть вопрос о Digicom PCI LAN 10-100 или вам нужна помощь? Задайте свой вопрос здесь

Технические характеристики Digicom PCI LAN 10-100

Бренд Digicom
Модель PCI LAN 10-100
Изделие Сетевая карта / адаптер
EAN 8030476000381, 8030476002170
Язык английский
Тип файла PDF
Максимальная скорость передачи данных 100 Мбит/с
Полнодуплексный режим Да
Подключение Ethernet Да
Функция Wake-on-LAN Да
Прочие свойства
Поддерживаемые скорости передачи данных 10/100 Mbps
Количество портов 1
Светодиод Соед./Акт. Да
Соответствие промышленным стандартам IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
Порты и интерфейсы
Технология подключения Проводная
Основной интерфейс PCI
Plug & Play Да
Содержимое упаковки
Инструкция Да