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Broadband 4-in-1 SOHO IAD

EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd
215 Henderson Road #01-04 Henderson Industrial Park Singapore 159554 Tel:(+65) 6227 1088 Fax:(+65) 6227 2766
Website: www.engeniustech.com.sg
Email: inquiry@engeniustech.com.sg
The SP-688 is the first wireless SOHO router integrated with
Voce Over IP Soft Switch and advanced PBX features. It
enrich router features give SOHO users easy connection
either to internet or to another router on your network. SP-
688 has separate WAN and LAN Ethernet port. The WAN
connection can be connect through DHCP, PPPoE , PPPT
or a fixed IP address. The LAN port can assign IP address
to IP telephones and computers using NAT and DHCP.
SP-688 delivers the secure, reliable, high performance
WLAN workforce demands. Four products in one, the
multitalented firewall router, NAT/DHCP router, Wireless
802.11b/g Access Point and IP-PBX. It delivers broadband
access that’s continuously available for sharing with all user networked devices. Simple to use, just plugs directly into
your ADSL or Cable line for instant connectivity to network resources and the Internet. Easy setup, with our Smart
Wizard install assistant helps to guide user each step of the way and upgradeable enhancements are available via the
Web browser.
The SP-688 IP-PBX support common PBX features such as auto-attendant, voice mail, three way conferencing, call
forwarding, call park, intercom, call transfer and much more. As well, SP-688 also support advanced PBX features such
as working day/holiday greeting, voice mail notification by e-mail and expandable voice mail memory by using USB
memory stick. With these various VoIP call features, SOHO users not only benefit with low cost long distance phone
service, mobility telephone extension but also data, voice integration in one network.
With Senao high power 802.11b/g Wi-Fi module, SP-688 also give a much better coverage and data access in any
SOHO environment. Office mobility can be easily achieved by using Senao Wi-Fi phone which support both WEP, WPA
of Security and WMM of QoS. SP-688’s highly integration of data and voice is the best solution for SOHO market.

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