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инструкцияEpson Runsense SF510
Conrm a
Go to next
Selects the
upper item.
Selects the
lower item.
Split Time
Measures the elapsed time from the start.
Lap Time
Records the elapsed time for each lap.
Records laps while measuring.
Resets when recording has stopped.
Change between screens
Starts, stops, or resumes recording.
Measurement screen
Time screen
Set your Height,
Weight, DOB,
today's date,
and the
Date Format.
Displays the elapsed time (seconds).
Contact marks
When Complete is
displayed, press

Function of each button

This device has a Time screen, Measurement screen, Settings screen (Settings menu and Measure set. menu), and History screen, and you can perform operations with the following buttons.
Time screen Measurement screen Settings screen
Short press
- Changing between screen. Conrm a selection.
Long press*
Turns the power on or o.
Displays the time screen.
(Not available while
From the Settings menu,
the time screen is displayed.
From the Measure set.
menu, the measurement
screen is displayed.
Short press
Turns the light on or o. The light turns on for approximately 10 seconds.
Long press*
Displays the Settings
> Settings screen
Displays the Measure set.
(Not available while
Short press
Performs GPS positioning,
and displays the
Measurement screen.
Starts, stops, or resumes
Selects the upper item.
Increases the value.
Long press*
Changes to indoor mode*
(GPS o).
(SF-710/SF-510 only)
Displays the time screen.
(Not available while
Selects the upper item.
Speeds through the values.
Short press
Displays your workout
Records laps while
Selects the lower item.
Decreases the value.
Long press*
Sync to Bluetooth® device.
Use this when uploading
measurement data.
while measuring is
Selects the lower item.
Speeds through the values.
*1 : Hold down for at least two seconds until the screen changes.
*2 : GPS data is not recorded in indoor mode.
*3 : When you reset the display, it returns to the status before measuring started allowing you to
start the next measurement. Data that has been measured up to that point is stored in the device's
If no operations are performed after three minutes when the System settings, User settings, or
History screens are displayed, you are returned to the time screen.

Measuring Function for the Device

This device receives a signal via GPS, and measures distance and pace. To make sure measurements are performed accurately, try to use the device under the following conditions which allow for easy reception of GPS signals.
Locations where you cannot receive signals
Inside rooms
or buildings, or
In tunnels Underwater
Locations that are dicult to receive signals
Locations with electronic
interference, such as
constructions sites and
heavy trac
Near high-voltage wires
or television towers,
overhead electric wires
for trains, and roads with
In water
1. Go to a location outside with no obstructions overhead, then Press .
GPS positioning starts, try to keep the device as still as possible. When complete, the screen
ashes, and then the measurement screen is displayed.
It usually takes less than two minutes to complete GPS positioning.
If it takes more than two minutes or Failed is displayed, we recommend selecting
Cancel, moving to a dierent location, and trying again.
When the measurement screen is displayed, you can start measuring. "6. Measuring Time,
Distance, and Speed (Chronograph Function)"
When using the device for the rst time or when the device has not been used for
several months, connect to the GPS network for at least 15 minutes with no
obstructions overhead. This allows the device to calibrate for more precise
Thank you very much for purchasing a RUNSENSE product. Please read this guide carefully to
use this product. A RUNSENSE SF-710 is used for illustration purposes. Screen layout and menus
are common across the range. See the User Manual for more detailed descriptions, which you
can download from the following address.

• Unapproved copying of part or all of this guide is strictly forbidden.• The content of this guide is subject to change without prior notice.
Contact your reseller if there are any missing or damaged components.
An optional AC adapter and heart rate monitor chest
strap can be purchased separately.
Main unit

What’s in the box

Cradle Quick Start Guide
(this document)
1. Connect the cradle using one of the following methods.
» Using a PC
Connect the cradle’s USB plug to the computer’s USB port.
This is not guaranteed to work with all computers. Do not use a USB hub. Instead, connect the
cradle directly to the computer.
» Using the AC adapter
Connect the cradle’s USB plug to the AC adapter’s USB port.
We recommend using the optional AC adapter (Model No.: SFAC02 Conti / SFAC03 UK). If you
do not use a supported AC adapter, you may not be able to charge or it may not operate
2. Place the device into the cradle.
Check that the contact points on the device are pointing up and match the contact marks on
the cradle. After placing the device into the bottom of the cradle, push carefully on the top of
the device until it is xed in place.
When the device is placed correctly, the alarm sounds, the charging screen is displayed, and
charging starts.
3. When charging is complete, remove the device from the cradle.
When the following charging icon is displayed, charging is complete. Hold the cradle and
press the device down into the lower part of the cradle to release the product.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set the Language, Units, and user information.
5. When you are in a location with no obstructions overhead, select Ye s.
A signal is received from the GPS and time is automatically synchronised.
When you leave the device for a while, it enters sleep status and the time display turns
o. This is not a malfunction as the display is restored the next time you move the
device. If time synchronisation fails, continue to the next step. The time screen will
automatically be updated the next time a GPS signal has been received.
Charge this device before using it for the rst time.

3. Basic Operations

4. GPS Positioning

What is the Chronograph function?

This function allows you to measure split times and lap times simultaneously.You can record the laps by pressing button on the device during Chronograph measurement, or by using the AT lap function.


1. Press to start measuring.
2. To record a lap, press while measuring.
3. Press again to stop recording.
4. Press and hold for a few seconds when you have nished recording to reset the
measurement display.
• The Chronograph screen is composed of four screens, and you can change the screen display by pressing
. You can change the content displayed on screens 1 to 4 by changing Measure set. > Screen. For more
details, see the User Manual.
• After resetting, press and hold or for a few seconds to return to the time screen.
• If no operations are made for 60 minutes on a screen other than the measuring screen, the time screen is
• As well as the Chronograph function, there are a variety of other measurement functions. Please see full
User Manual for details.

Recall Data (History Function)

1. Press on the time screen. The recall screen is displayed.
2. Use / to select the data you want to check, and then press .
3. To check the recorded data use / to scroll through the screen.
Detailed recorded results for the activity type, recorded day/start time, time, distance, and
calories burned are displayed on the detailed recall screen. You can also check the pace for
each lap.
to return to the recall screen. Hold down to return to the time screen.

Understanding the Icons

Run mode Split time
Walking mode Average pace
Bike mode Calories burned
Stops ashing : The signal is being received from the GPS
(GPS On)
GPS positioning Lap
Stops ashing : Communicating with the HR monitor Editable data
Distance Current settings
6. Measuring Time, Distance, and Speed (Chronograph Function)

Lap Number (No.)

Number of laps

Lap Distance (LapDist.)

Distance of each lap

Lap Time (Lap)

Time taken for each lap

Quick Start Guide

Make sure you read the manuals (Quick Start Guide and User Manual) rst to use this product safely. Also, this device is equipped with Bluetooth® Smart technology as a built-in wireless function. See the section "Notes on Electromagnetic Waves" in the User Manual for further details.The product may malfunction, or an accident may occur if it is handled incorrectly.• Keep the manuals handy to help you resolve any problems.• When taking this product out of the country of purchase, check the laws and regulations in the destination country before you travel.• This product is not a medical device. Use this product as an indicator during physical exercise.

Safety Instructions

The following symbols are used in this guide to indicate possible dangerous operations or handling. Make sure you understand these warnings before using the product.
This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in
serious personal injury.
This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in
personal injury or damage the product.
This symbol indicates an action that should be done.
This symbol indicates an action that must not be done.

Notes on Using the Product and Components

Exercise according to your physical capabilities.
Stop exercising and consult your doctor if you feel unwell during exercise.
Do not use or store this product in the following environments. It may cause an electric shock or
re, or the product may malfunction or be damaged.
•Locations with very high or low temperatures or humidity
•Near volatile substances
•Dusty places
•Near a strong magnetic eld (for example, near a loudspeaker)
Do not disassemble this product, and do not attempt to repair this product by yourself. It may
cause an electric shock or accident.
Do not leave this product within reach of young children.
Stop using the device immediately and consult your doctor if you have an allergic reaction or a
rash while or during use.
The device is water resistant at 5 bar (5 ATM). Although you can use the device for swimming and
so on, do not perform button operations under water.
Do not pour water directly from the tap onto this product. The power of the tap water stream may
be strong enough to compromise the products waterproof feature.
Do not wear this product in a bath or sauna. The steam and soap may compromise the waterproof
feature or cause corrosion.

Notes on Using the Cradle

Do not use the cradle or AC adapter if they are in any way damaged, faulty or contaminated
by foreign material such as dust, water or dirt. Do not use any adapter other than the specied
adapter for charging.

1. For Your Safety

5. For more accurate Measurements

GPS Sports Monitor

2. Charging and Initial Settings

©2014 Seiko Epson Corporation.All rights reserved.Printed in Japan

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