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Installing the Flush Mount Kit
Use this kit to ush mount a Fishnder 400C or GPSMAP 400 series unit into a at panel.
Select an appropriately sized location for the unit.
Use the Flush Mount Template provided to determine a location.
Check that all cables reach the unit mounting location.
Always wear safety goggles and a dust mask when drilling, cutting, or sanding.
Included mounting hardware—(1) unit housing, (2) tension mount brackets, (4) hex bolts, (4) hex nuts, (4) wing nuts,
and (4) Phillips head screws.
Tools (not included)—drill, 3/8" (10 mm) drill bit, jig saw, 9/32" (7 mm) wrench, and Phillips screwdriver.
To install the Quick Release Flush Mount Kit:
1. Cut the opening:
The ush mount template has adhesive on the back. Remove the protective liner and apply the template to the location you want to
mount the unit.
Using a 3/8" (10 mm) drill bit, drill the pilot holes indicated on the template to begin cutting the mounting surface.
Using the jig saw, cut the mounting surface along the inside of the line indicated on the template. Be very careful when cutting this
hole, because there is only a small amount of clearance between the unit housing and the tension mount arms. Cut slightly inside the
indicated line and then sand or le the panel as needed to obtain the best t.
2. Assemble the ush mount hardware (see Figure 1):
Insert the (4) hex bolts into the unit housing so they stick out of the back.
Use the (4) hex nuts to secure the hex bolts to the unit housing. Using the 9/32” (7 mm) wrench, tighten the nuts without
Slide the unit into the unit housing.
Using the (4) Phillips head screws, attach the unit housing to the unit.
Connect the wiring harness to the unit (This can be done after step 3, if preferred).
Hex bolts
Hex nuts
Phillips head screws
Hex nuts
Hex bolts
Figure 1
October 2007 Part Number 190-00757-02 Rev. D Printed in Taiwan

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