Goodram Iridium Pro

Goodram Iridium Pro инструкция

  • Thank You for choosing GOODRAM product. Before the first use, please read this
    user manual to learn about how to use and store this product.
    We recommend to retain this manual for future read.
    Refers to the following products:
    GOODRAM Iridium
    GOODRAM Iridium Pro
    and future products from the series
    Symbol explanation
    Below you will find explanation of symbols used in this manual. Please read this
    important information before continuing.
    Manufacturer declares that this product, marked with CE sign, conforms
    with the essential requirements contained in EU directives Responsible for
    CE marking is Wilk Elektronik SA, with its registered office in Laziska Gorne
    43-173, Mikolowska 42, Poland. Copy of the declaration can be obtained
    by contacting Wilk Elektronik SA.
    This product may not be treated as a household waste. It should be utilized
    in appropriate recycling center
    The product can be recycled which means that materials used for its
    production can be reused.
    The product is not a toy and is not intended for children under
    the age of three.
    It is forbidden to place the product near the naked flame.
    It is forbidden to immerse any part of this product in water or other liquid,
    especially when it operates.
    It is forbidden to expose this product to potential damage and excess heat
    or extremely low temperatures that do not comply with the product
    Usage and compatibility
    Mass storage device intended for use as an internal storage device in desktop
    and laptop computers.
    This product is compatible with the following operating systems:
    ź Windows® XP® / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    ź Mac OS X 10.4 and newer (formatting the drive to a file system other than
    NTFS is required)
    ź Linux
    This product is dedicated for consumer-class applications. This product is not
    intended to be used in systems, that require high performance or high reliability
    (e.g. servers, industrial applications), unless it is stated that the product
    is dedicated for these applications.
    To achieve the highest performance, please connect SSD to SATA III interface.
    This SSD is also compatible with SATA II and SATA I interfaces, but connecting
    it will limit its performance to the level, specified by these interfaces. Please refer
    to your computer/motherboard manual to check their compatibility with SSD.
    WARNING: Computer configuration and operating system may affect
    performance of this SSD.
    Before installing the SSD, please ensure that your computer is turned off,
    unplugged from the power source and equipped with a SATA interface.
    Otherwise this SSD may be incompatible.
    After connecting SSD to the SATA interface, you most format the drive using
    operating system tools.
    If SSD is mounted into laptop with 9,5 mm drive bay, use the attached spacer by
    attaching it to the SSD.
    Storage capacity for GOODRAM SSD is always expressed in decimal values.
    That means, 1GB equals 1 000 000 000 bytes. Operating system that use the
    binary conversion eg. 1GB equals 1 073 741 824 bytes may show lower storage
    capacity value than advertised. Additionally, a part of the storage is reserved for
    files and firmware, managing the drive.
    Safety measures
    To ensure the best user experience and safe use, please follow the precautions
    listed below:
    Do not:
    ź expose this product to potential damage and excess heat or extremely low
    ź immerse any part of this product in water or other liquid
    ź place the product near the naked flame
    ź provide accurate heat dissipation
    ź this product is not a toy and is not intended for children under
    the age of three.
    ź use this product only with compatible devices
    Manufacturer's warranty
    Warranty conditions are listed in separate document, available at product
    website at
    Wilk Elektronik SA
    Mikolowska 42
    43-173 Laziska Gorne
    User Manual for internal
    Solid State Drives
Goodram Iridium Pro

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Технические характеристики Goodram Iridium Pro

Бренд Goodram
Модель Iridium Pro
Изделие Твердотельный накопитель (SSD)
EAN 5908267922033
Язык английский
Тип файла PDF
Объем SSD 240
Интерфейс Serial ATA III
Скорость считывания 560
Скорость записи 530
Тип памяти MLC
Размер буфера накопителя 256
Литография 19
Скорость передачи данных 6
Случайное чтение (4KB) 100000
Случайная запись (4KB) 88000
Алгоритмы шифрования данных -
защита данных End-to-End
Среднее время наработки на отказ 2000000
форм-фактор тевродотельного диска 2.5"
Cоответствие RoHS
Прочие свойства
Цвет товара Черный
Условия эксплуатации
Диапазон температур при эксплуатации 0 - 70
Диапазон температур при хранении -45 - 85
Вес и размеры
Ширина 69.9
Глубина 100.1
Высота 6.85
Вес 50

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