Hotpoint NT M11 82XB UK

Hotpoint NT M11 82XB UK инструкция

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    Quick guide
    Before using the appliance carefully read the Safety Instructions.
    1.Mixed kg 4
    This programme is ideal for drying cotton and synthetic fabrics
    2.Eco cotton kg Max*
    Standard cotton programme, suitable to dry normally wet
    cotton laundry. Most ecient programme in terms of energy
    consumption for drying cotton laundry. The values on the Energy
    Label are based on this programme.
    3.Synthetics kg 4
    This programme is suitable for synthetic garments or cotton
    4.Wool kg 1
    Programme for drying wool clothing. It is advisable to turn the
    garments inside out before drying. Leave to dry naturally the heaviest
    edges that are still damp.
    5.Silk kg 0,5
    Gentle drying of silk garments.
    6.Anti Allergy kg Max*
    This cycle has the Allergy UK” approval of The British Allergy
    Foundation attesting the eective reduction and elimination of
    allergens. It can be used both with damp load (drying and treatment)
    and dry load (half load only).
    7.Daily kg 2
    Ideal for drying garments of cotton blends or synthetics spun at
    high speed in the washing machine.
    8.Cuddly toys Kg 2,5
    The cycle preserves the original appearance and brilliance of the cuddly
    toys at best. Remove all accessories before proceeding with drying.
    Every single piece must not exceed 600 gr.
    Make sure that the water tank is correctly inserted. Make sure
    that the drain hose on the back of the dyrer is properly xed,
    either to the dryers's water tank or to the domestic sewage
    The dryer should be installed in environment in a room
    temperature range of 20°to 23°C for optimum performance. But
    will function if the room is between 14 and 30°C. Before you use
    your dryer ensure that it has been in a upright position for at
    least 6 hours.
    Should you wish to change the opening side of the door, please
    contact our After-sales Service. (See phone number in the
    warranty booklet).
    Doing this will keep your machine working at its BEST!
    Remember to empty your water tank after each drying cycle.
    Remember to clean your lters after each drying cycle. (Refer to
    section Care & Maintanence).
    1. Open the door and load garments. Always refer to instructions
    on clothing labels and the max loads indicated in the programme
    section. Empty pockets. Make sure garments do not get caught
    between the door and/or the door lter.
    2. Close the door.
    3. Press the button On/O.
    4. Select the programme according to the laundry type.
    5. Select the options, if necessary.
    6. To start the cycle, press the Start/Pause button.
    7. At the end of the drying cycle, a buzzer will beep. An indicator on
    the control panel signals the end of the cycle. Pull the load out
    immediately to prevent the formation of creases on laundry.
    8. Turn the machine o by pressing the button On/O, open the
    door and pull clothing out. If the machine is not switched o
    manually, after about a quarter of an hour from the cycle end, the
    appliance turns o automatically to save energy.
    If this last stage is not carried out immediately, some machines
    and/or some programmes/options are equipped with Crease Care
    system. For some hours, after the end of drying, the drum rotates
    at regular intervals to prevent the formation of creases.
    In case of power failure, it is necessary to press the button Start/
    Pause to restart the cycle.
    During operation, it is possible to open the door. After having
    closed it, press the button Start/Pause again to restart the dryer.
    *MAX LOAD 8 Kg
    Always check the care labels, especially when placing garments in
    the tumble dryer for the  rst time. Below are the most commonly
    used symbols:
    May be tumble dried.
    Do not tumble dry.
    Tumble dry – high heat.
    Tumble dry – low heat.
    1 ON/OFF button (Reset if long pressed)
    2 Programme selection Knob
    3 Start/Pause button
    4 Active Care
    Options Buttons*
    5 Dryness Level
    6 Start Delay
    7 Timed Drying
    8 Cycle End
    9 Gentle (Key lock if long pressed)
    10 Crease Care (Mute if long pressed)
    *Note: some models may have the wording in full instead of the icons
    Dryness Level: Iron Dry - Hanger Dry - Cupboard Dry - Extra Dry
    Cycle phase: Drying - Cool Down - END of cycle -
    Empty Water tank - Clean Door lter - Clean Bottom lter -
    Refer to Troubleshooting section: Failure: Call after sales service
    Demo Mode
    3 sec
    3 sec
    5 67
Hotpoint NT M11 82XB UK

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Технические характеристики Hotpoint NT M11 82XB UK

Бренд Hotpoint
Модель NT M11 82XB UK
Изделие Сушилка
EAN 5054645545162
Язык английский
Тип файла PDF
Размещение бытового устройства Отдельно стоящий
Тип загрузки Фронтальная загрузка
Система сушки Тепловой насос
Цвет товара Белый
Дверная петля Справа
Тип управления Buttons, Rotary
Объем барабана 120
Встроенный экран
Длина шнура 1.5
Технология преобразователя
Программы сушки
Программа сушки рубашек/блуз
Программа сушки хлопковых вещей
Программа сушки синтетики
Сушка под утюг
Программа сушки шерсти
Программа сушки смешанных тканей
Программа быстрой сушки
Пограмма сушки деликатных вещей/шелка
Пограмма сушки эко
Программа сушки джинсов
Антиаллергическая функция
Таймер отложенного старта
Программируемое время старта (макс.) 24
Индикация времени до окончания
Замок от детей
Регулируемые по высоте ножки
Индикатор очистки фильтра
Индикатор наполнения водного резервуара
Емкость барабана 8
Класс сушки B
Продолжительность цикла 194
Уровень шума 65
Функция Anti-Crease
Датчик влажности
Класс энергоэффективности A++
Подключенная нагрузка 850
Входящее напряжение сети 220 - 240
Частота входящего переменного тока 50
Сила тока 10
Потребляемая мощность (в режим ожидания) 1
Потребляемая мощность (выкл.) 0.5
Потребление энергии 1.78
Годовое потребление энергии 234
Источник тепла Электричество
Вес и размеры
Ширина 595
Глубина 655
Высота 849
Вес 44000
Глубина с открытой дверью 1060
Данные об упаковке
Масса брутто 46500

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