Intelbras TC 500

Intelbras TC 500 инструкция

    - Avoid installing your telephone set where there is high temperature, excessive humidity and risk of
    - You telephone set base may damage smooth and varnished surfaces. We suggest installing your
    telephone set on anti-slipping surfaces.
    - Avoid using your telephone set after its lifetime validity expires. Follow the environment protection
    regulations to discard it.
    - If your telephone set is desk mounted, make sure to place the handset in the correct position when
    you hangup your phone.
    Your telephone
    automatically redials
    the last number you
    called. ( Maximum
    number of digits is 32).
    Mode: This key alters the dialing mode from decadic to
    multifrequency. when pressed, you telephones communicates
    mutlifequency signals (tone) until you hang up the phone.
    Exp: you wish to consult your credit card bill. Call the credit card
    administrator, as soon as the call is completed, press the TONE key
    for your telephone to communicate in multifrequency mode, submitting
    your information in a faster and more secure way.
    Pause: Pressing this key,
    will introduce a dialing pause
    that may be used when you are
    either connected to a PABX or
    using another service
    offered by your carrier.
    Exp: you are connected to
    a PABX, and wish to call
    the number 0 XX 48 281
    - type the external access
    code ;
    - press PAUSE + 0 XX 48
    If you hear a busy tone,
    hang up the telephone;
    next, press REDIAL and
    wait, your telephone set
    will automatically redial.
    Mute: By pressing and
    holding down this key,
    you interrupt the voice
    transmission to your
    correspondent, who will
    not be able to hear you. To
    restore the voice
    transmission again
    release the key.
    Flash: Pressing this key causes a little break in multifrequency
    lines, and may be used in two situations:
    -For programming and using the services offered by your carrier.
    -For accessing some features of your PABX.
    Your flash time is set at 300 ms.
    and #:These keys are used
    when the signaling mode of your
    telephone line is multifrequency
    type. You can programming
    services offered either by the
    carrier or by your PABX.
    Resting pin:
    If your telephone
    set is wall mounted and a call is
    placed on hold, this feature
    will allow the handset to rest in
    vertical position without
    disconnecting the call.
    Fitting for the telephone
    line's wiring (smooth cable).
    Conduits to
    the wiring.
    Fitting for the
    telephone line's
    wiring (coiled
    adjusting key
    of the electronic
    bell with the
    (medium) and
    Fixing: Follow the drilling points to fasten your telephone onto the wall. Use a 6-mm drill as well
    as compatible screws and nuts. Once the screw is fasten, just hang your telephone onto the screw
    and push it downwards .
    Selection keys with the P (pulse) and T
    (tone) indications. To define the signaling mode of your
    telephone line, make a call with the key at the T (tone)
    position. If the call has been successfully completed,
    it means your line uses DTMF (tone) signal.
    You will benefit from a faster
    dialing, besides a series of
    other services that your
    carrier may offer. If the call
    fails to complete, this
    indicates that your line has
    a decadic signaling mode.
    Select the position P
    (consult your carrier about
    the possibility to switch
    your line's signaling mode
    over Tone mode..
    - Keys for functions: Flash, Redial, Pause, Mode, Mute, * and #.
    - Decadic & Multifrequency Keypad.
    - Compatible with Telecommunications Network, CSP-type central (Control Stored Program), and
    PABX .
    - Dimensions in mm: length: 223.6 mm, maximum width: 148 mm, maximum height: 71 mm.
    For telephone models with lock key :
    The key is located under the telephone base, and used to lock the keypad, and the user from making calls.
    Incoming calls can still be received while the lock key is activated.
    Dear consumer, thank you for buying one of
    INTELBRAS products. Gôndola is a telephone
    designed using the highest technology to
    meet your requirements and to improve the
    quality of your communications.
    Dear consumer,
    Under the below mentioned terms and conditions INTELBRAS will cover the cost of
    replacement parts for one year as well as the labor required to install / service those
    parts. Simply bring your telephone set into your local INTELBRAS authorized
    dealer center and he will cover the charges. (Warranty period valid from date of
    At the time of purchase from our authorized INTELBRAS dealer, your telephone set
    comes with a full 1 (one) year warranty of wich 3 months represent a legal warranty
    and 9 months as contractual warranty. This warranty covers all problems which are
    due to manufacturer´s defect and will not apply in case of inappropriate use of the
    product by the customer or as a result of the following :
    Damages caused by lightning, flood, voltage fluctuation and inappropriate
    installation not in accordance with the product manual instructions.
    Any alterations in the product serial number.
    Under the above conditions of this warranty close, INTELBRAS reserves the right
    to make any modification to its product without prior notice
    For more information please contact our customer support service at : 0800-7042767
    E-mail :
    Code:1124079 Manual 's version: 0.1/05
    Address :
    BR 101 - Km 210 - Área Industrial - CEP 88104-800
    São José - Grande Florianópolis/SC
    Tel : +55 48 32819755 - Fax +55 48 3281 9505
Intelbras TC 500

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Технические характеристики Intelbras TC 500

Бренд Intelbras
Модель TC 500
Изделие Телефон DECT / VoIP
Язык Engels
Тип файла PDF
Тип Аналоговый телефон
Автоответчик Нет
Тип крепления Стол / Стена
Цвет товара Black,White
Характеристики телефона
Громкоговоритель Нет
Поддержка нескольких телефонных трубок -
Вместимость телефонной книги - записей
Вызов Тоновый
Отключение микрофона Да
Управление вызовами
Идентификация абонента (Caller ID) Нет
Повторный набор Да
Встроенный экран Нет
Порты и интерфейсы
Беспроводное подключение Нет

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