Kia Venga (2013)

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    The Kia 7 year warranty 7-year/100,000 miles new car warranty.
    Valid in all EU member states (plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland
    and Gibraltar), subject to local terms and conditions.
    Towing / Spare Tyre / Tyre Mobility KitLighting Control / Steering Wheel / Cruise Control System Climate Control System Engine Oil / Washer Fluid / Additional Information
    Lighting control [4]
    a OFF
    b Position light
    c Headlight
    d Auto light*
    Towing [6]
    When towing your vehicle in
    an emergency without wheel
    1. Set the ignition switch in
    the ACC position.
    2. Place the transaxle shift
    lever in N (Neutral).
    3. Release the parking brake.
    Emergency towing
    If towing is necessary, we
    recommend you to have it
    done by an authorised Kia
    dealer or a commercial tow
    truck service.
    Removable towing hook
    1. Open the tailgate and
    remove the towing hook
    from the tool case. The tool
    case is located under the
    luggage box cover.
    2. Remove the hole cover
    pressing the lower part of
    the cover on the bumper.
    3. Install the towing hook by
    turning it clockwise until it
    is fully secured.
    Remove the towing hook and
    install the cover after use.
    Tilt & telescopic steering [4]
    Steering wheel adjustment:
    a Pull down lock release
    b Adjust the steering wheel
    to the desired angle.
    c Adjust the steering wheel
    to the desired height.
    Lock steering wheel by pulling
    up lock release lever.
    Auto light function* [4]
    If the light switch is in AUTO
    position, the headlights
    will be turned ON or OFF
    automatically, depending on
    the amount of light detected
    by the sensor below the
    a Sensor
    Cruise control system* [5]
    Activate Cruise Control
    System by pressing the
    shown button.
    Set cruise control speed by
    moving the lever down to
    SET -.
    To increase cruise control set
    To decrease cruise control
    set speed.
    Cancel cruise control set
    speed by pressing the Cancel
    Resume cruising speed
    by moving the lever up to
    RESET +.
    Spare Tyre, Jack and tools [6]
    The jack, jack handle, wheel lug
    nut wrench are stored in the
    luggage compartment.
    Pull up the luggage box cover
    to access this equipment.
    a Jack handle
    b Jack
    c Wheel lug nut wrench
    Tyre Mobility Kit* [6]
    Please read the instructions
    before using the Tyre Mobility
    a Compressor
    b Sealant bottle
    With the Tyre Mobility Kit
    it is possible to stay mobile
    even after experiencing a tyre
    Once the punctured tyre is
    properly sealed, cautiously
    drive (up to max. 200 km
    (120 miles)) at a max. speed
    of 80 km/h (50 mph) to the
    nearest vehicle or tyre service
    point, in order to have the tire
    repaired or replaced.
    Checking the engine oil level [7]
    On level ground pull the dipstick
    out and wipe clean before
    re inserting it fully. Pull the
    dipstick out again and check
    the level. It should be between
    F and L.
    Refilling engine oil [7]
    Use only the specified engine
    oil [8] and refill using a funnel
    to avoid spillage on engine
    Checking the washer fluid
    level [7]
    Check the fluid level and add
    fluid if necessary.
    a Air conditioning*
    b Air intake control
    c Rear window defroster
    d Mode selection
    e Temperature control
    f Fan speed control
    a AUTO (automatic control)
    b Climate control display
    c OFF
    d Air conditioning
    e Front windscreen
    f Rear window defroster
    g Air intake control
    h Mode selection
    i Temperature control
    j Fan speed control
    Automatic climate control system* [4]
    Manual climate control system* [4]
    Copyright © 2013 Kia Motors Europe GmbH, all rights reserved.
    13.001917 - QRGYN - ENG RHD - UK
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    5 6
    Front bumper
    Rear bumper
    The Kia Service App
    Additional Information*
    Idle Stop & Go (ISG)
    When enabled, ISG automatically stops the
    car’s engine to reduce fuel consumption and
    emissions. The ISG function may not work
    if the car’s battery charge status, ambient
    temperature and/or engine temperature
    is too low. Air conditioning/heater control
    settings may also affect ISG function.
    Starting your vehicle with the parking
    brake applied:
    For Manual Transaxle vehicles: Make sure
    the transaxle is in Neutral and the clutch
    pedal is fully depressed before starting
    the vehicle.
    For Automatic Transaxle vehicles: Make
    sure the transaxle is in the P (Park)
    position and the brake pedal fully
    depressed before starting the vehicle.
    For full details and instructions on any
    item contained in this quick reference
    guide, please refer to the owner’s manual.
    Hill-Start Assist Control (HAC)
    This is designed to assist with hill
    starts by preventing the car rolling
    backwards when driving off. The system
    maintains the braking pressure in certain
    circumstances for 2 seconds enabling to
    pull away when you are ready.
    Parking brake (Handbrake)
    When engaging the parking brake, apply
    the footbrake first and keep it depressed.
    Then pull the parking brake lever up as far
    as possible.
    We strongly recommend to leave the car
    in first or reverse gear or in the ‘P’ (Park)
    position on automatics when leaving the car.
    Many of our cars have Bluetooth
    connectivity to enable the driver to safely
    enjoy the convenience of their mobile phone.
    For Bluetooth
    compatibility please visit the
    owners section on our website.
    The Kia Service App - now available free
    for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
    With the Kia Service App, you have almost
    all Kia dealers in Europe within reach*.
    Looking for a showroom or just a service,
    the app displays all dealers around your
    current location on the map. With one click
    you can call a dealer, visit their website or
    get directions to the showroom.
    (*) In selected markets only
Kia Venga (2013)

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