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Guidelines for safe and efficient

Please read these simple guidelines. Not following these guidelines may be
dangerous or illegal.
Should a fault occur, a software tool is built into your device that will gather a
fault log. This tool gathers only data specific to the fault, such as signal strength,
cell ID position in sudden call drop and applications loaded. The log is used only to
help determine the cause of the fault. These logs are encrypted and can only be
accessed by an authorised LG Repair centre should you need to return your device
for repair.

Important information about the device

Device apps and services are subject to change or cancellation without notice,
depending on the provider’s situation and the software version.
When the device is turned on for the first time, an initial configuration takes
ace. The first booting time may be longer than usual.

Read before use

To purchase optional items, contact the LG Customer Information Centre for
available dealers.
The appearance and specifications of the device are subject to change without
Do not use LG products for other purposes than those originally intended.
Using non-c
ertified apps or software may damage the device and this is not
covered by warranty.


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Бренд LG
Модель K3 | MPC_HP_CELLPHONESGB_GTT_CES_190117_0017
Изделие Смартфон
Язык русский, английский
Тип файла Руководство пользователя (PDF)

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