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Basic Functions 43
To encrypt the memory card, make sure that a screen lock is set using
a PIN or password.
Once memory card encryption starts, some functions are not available.
If the device is turned off while encryption is underway, the encryption
process will fail, and some data may be damaged. Therefore, be sure to
check whether the battery level is sufficient before starting encryption.
Encrypted files are accessible only from the device where the files were
The encrypted memory card cannot be used on another LG device. To
use the encrypted memory card on another mobile device, initialise the
You can activate memory card encryption even when no memory card
is installed into the device. Any memory card that is installed after
encryption will automatically be encrypted.

Taking screenshots

You can take screenshots of the current screen you are viewing.

Via a shortcut

Press and hold the Power/Lock Key and the Volume Down (-) key at the

same time for at least two seconds.

Screenshots can be viewed from the Screenshots folder in the Gallery.

Via Capture+

On the screen where you want to take a screenshot, drag the status bar

downwards, then tap Capture+.

When the screen is turned off or locked, you can access Capture+
by pressing the Volume Up (+) key twice. First, tap
General and then turn on Shortcut keys.
Writing notes on a screenshot
for details.


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Бренд LG
Модель K3 | MPC_HP_CELLPHONESGB_GTT_CES_190117_0017
Изделие Смартфон
Язык русский, английский
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