Media-Tech Hellstorm XQ

Media-Tech Hellstorm XQ инструкция

  • software automatically, please fi nd the auto ex-
    ecute fi le setup.exe”, which is located under the
    directory of your CD drive and click on it, then
    follow the on-screen instruction to install the
    ¯ Upon completing software installation, restart
    your PC.
    Hardware Installation
    ¯ Plug-in your HELLSTORM XQ connector to either
    one USB Port or USB Hub of your computer and
    make sure it is fi rmly connected.
    ¯ After the HELLSTORM XQ is connected, the
    monitor will shows “Find a new hardware” and
    the standard USB driver will be located for you
    to fi nish the easy installation and play games im-
    ¯ The system will add an item of stick in the game-
    controller board automatically, and you can test
    the function of gamepad buttons and vibration.
    HELLSTORM XQ is properly plugged into the
    USB port but does not work.
    1. Please remove HELLSTORM XQ and all other
    game drivers from the system and install soft-
    ware drive once again. Sometimes there is a con-
    ict between foreign drivers.
    If you plug HELLSTORM XQ in to passive USB hub
    and HELLSTORM XQ does not work please plug
    in to active USB hub or direct USB port in your
    2. Not every game requires all functioning but-
    tons (12 buttons) on your HELLSTORM XQ. If you
    nd some buttons no working inside the game,
    please check the game setting again.
    3. The function of the gamepad buttons may vary
    in diff erent games. Before proceed with game
    setting, whatever through the HELLSTORM XQ or
    from the OPTION inside the game, always read
    your game manual carefully to approach the
    best game setting.
    4. Gamepad buttons confi guration depends from
    game type. Please read game manual for game
    devices support.
    Thank you for choosing the HELLSTORM XQ Game-
    pad. This device is an advanced game control sys-
    tem designed with full ergonomics and equipped
    with well-positioned buttons to ensure your game
    play comfortably. Moreover it is built with two mo-
    tors for actual vibration while playing games.
    In order to fi t your game play, please take a moment
    to read the user’s guide. This user’s guide provides
    you the necessary information for easily installing
    and basic operating this powerful gamepad under
    Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
    Package Contents
    Your package comes with the following items:
    ¯ HELLSTORM XQ gamepad
    ¯ Software disc
    ¯ User’s guide
    System Requirements
    ¯ IBM PC 586/Pentium II compatibles or higher
    ¯ Available USB port or extension active USB hub
    ¯ CD-ROM drive
    ¯ Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win 7
    Attention: Always install the software fi rst be-
    fore hardware installation.
    Software Installation
    Disc which comes together witch HELLSTORM
    XQ contains the software needed for your de-
    vice setup. However, if you don’t install this
    driver, HELLSTORM XQ will be operated without
    vibration function.
    ¯ Insert driver CD disc into your CD-ROM drive and
    wait for a few seconds for your computer to load
    the disc.
    ¯ If your system is setup to automatically read a
    new inserted CD, then the auto run program is
    executed and the opening screen for installation
    appears. Please follow the on-screen instruction
    to install the drivers step-by-step.
    ¯ If your system doesn’t launch the installation
    Users Guide
    Gamepad for PC Computers & PS3 Consoles
Media-Tech Hellstorm XQ

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