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  • Read this guide for important safety, health, and regulatory
    information and the terms of the Limited Warranty that cover
    the Xbox 360 video game system that you have purchased. This
    document includes important information about several Xbox 360
    Failure to properly set up, use, and care for the Xbox 360 video
    game and entertainment system can increase the risk of serious
    injury or death, or damage to the Xbox 360 video game and
    entertainment system. Read this manual and the manuals of any
    accessories for important safety and health information. Keep all
    manuals for future reference. For replacement manuals, go to
    The Limited Warranty and Software Licence covering this product
    appear in this manual; this manual is also available online at
    . The Limited Warranty and Software
    Licence are also available online at  and
    , respectively.
    Before allowing children to use the Xbox 360 video game system:
    Determine how each child can use the Xbox 360 console
    (playing games, connecting to the Xbox service, chatting or
    video messaging with other players online, replacing batteries,
    making electrical, AV cable, and network connections) and
    whether they should be supervised during these activities.
    If you allow children to use the Xbox 360 console without
    supervision, be sure to explain all relevant safety and health
    information and instructions.
    The Xbox 360 console will not play copied or “pirated” games or
    other unauthorised media. Attempting to defeat the Xbox 360
    anti-piracy protection system may cause your Xbox 360 console to
    stop working permanently. It will also void your Limited Warranty,
    and may make your Xbox 360 console ineligible for authorised
    repair, even for a fee.
    You must accept the terms and conditions of the Limited Warranty
    and this manual to use your Xbox 360 console. If you do not
    accept these terms and conditions, do not set up or use your
    Xbox 360 video game system and return it to Microsoft
    or your
    retailer for a refund.
    Arrange all cables and cords so that people and pets are not likely to
    trip over or accidentally pull on them as they move around or walk
    through the area. When the console and sensor are not in use, you
    may need to disconnect all cables and cords from the front and rear
    of the console to keep them out of the reach of children and pets.
    Do not allow children to play with cables and cords.
    If the Xbox 360 console falls and hits someone, especially a small
    child, it could cause serious injury. To reduce the risk of such
    injuries and damage to the Xbox 360 console, set up the Xbox 360
    console according to these instructions. Place the console on a
    surface that:
    • Is at and level.
    • Is stable and not likely to tip over.
    • Allows all four feet of the console to be in contact with
    the surface.
    • Is not likely to allow the console to slip or slide off.
    • Is clean and free of dust and debris.
    If the surface or console feet become dirty or dusty, clean them
    with a dry cloth. If the console is positioned vertically, put it on a
    surface where it is not likely to fall if it tips over.
    Do not block any ventilation openings on the console or power
    supply. Do not place the console or power supply on a bed, sofa, or
    other soft surface that may block ventilation openings. Do not place
    the console or power supply in a conned space, such as a bookcase,
    rack, or stereo cabinet, unless the space is well ventilated.
    Do not place the console or power supply near any heat sources,
    such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or ampliers.
    Do not use the console in smoky or dusty locations. Smoke and
    dust can damage the console, particularly the DVD drive.
    You can position your console horizontally or vertically, whichever
    you prefer. However, if you change your consoles orientation,
    make sure it is turned off with no disc in the tray. However you
    position your console, make sure to not block any ventilation
    openings or the IR receiver.
    Make sure the disc is held in place by the tabs on the disc tray so
    that it doesn’t fall out.
    To avoid jamming the disc drive and damaging discs or the console:
    • Remove discs before moving the console or tilting it between
    the horizontal and vertical positions.
    • Never use cracked discs. They can shatter inside the console
    and jam or break internal parts.
    • When the console is vertical, do not use discs that are smaller
    than standard DVDs and CDs.
    To connect additional wireless controllers to your console, or to
    connect your controller to a different console, follow these steps.
    To connect a wireless controller to your console:
    Press and hold down the Xbox Guide button until the controller
    turns on.
    Make sure the console is turned on. If not, touch the power
    button and allow the console to completely start up. When the
    Xbox Dashboard or inserted disc runs, the console is ready.
    Press the connect button on the console and wait for the
    console lights to ash.
    Press the connect button on the controller and wait for the
    controller lights to spin.
    The lights on the console and controller will remain on once the
    devices are connected.
    To prevent damage to any headset, avoid sitting or stepping on the
    headset, its cable, or the cable connector.
    Stationary images in video games can “burninto some TV screens,
    creating a permanent shadow. Consult your TV owner’s manual of
    manufacturer before playing games. Do not connect the console
    through a VCR. Video signals fed through VCRs may be affected
    by copyright protection systems and the picture will be distorted
    on the TV.
    As with many other electrical devices, failure to take the
    following precautions can result in serious injury or death from
    electric shock or re or damage to the Xbox 360 console.
    Select an appropriate power source for your Xbox 360 console:
    • Use only the power supply unit and AC power cord that
    came with your console or that you received from an
    authorised repair centre. If you are not sure if you have the
    correct power supply unit, compare the model number on
    X188016902MNL.indd 1 3/13/13 5:15 PM
Microsoft Xbox 360

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Язык английский, голландский, немецкий, французский, испанский, итальянский, шведский, португальский, датский, норвежский, Финляндия
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