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3.3 Set nightlight

The nightlight feature is for giving the room a soft glow so
the baby can be observed without disrupting it with bright
1. When the nightlight is off, press

1 to turn it on.

2. When the nightlight is on, press 1 to turn it off.

3.4 Adjust speaker volume

There are 6 volume levels on the parent unit, including
volume off.
+ to increase or - to decrease the volume of
the parent unit respectively. The sound level LEDs will
light up while adjusting the volume, to indicate the set
level from 0 (off), 1 (quiet) to 5 (loud).



At the end of the product lifecycle, you
should not dispose of this product with
normal household waste. Take this product
to a collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment. The
symbol on the product, User's Guide and/or box indicates
Some of the product materials can be re-used if you take
them to a recycling point. By reusing some parts or raw
materials from used products you make an important
contribution to the protection of the environment.
Please contact your local authorities in case you need
more information on the collection points in your area.


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