Olight SR51 Intimidator

Olight SR51 Intimidator инструкция

  • SR 92
    SR51 Intimidator
    SR51 Intimidator
    World-class CREE XM-L U2 LEDs, output up to 900 lumens
    700 meters long throw, smooth light spot
    The highest efficient synchronous buck circuit enable
    power save, Max. 11 hours continual runtime
    One key for control operation
    Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching
    type-III hard anodization. Engineered anti-slip knurling for
    tightly firm grip
    Firm stainless steel bezel
    Water proof IPX-8
    Memory function ( Exclude strobe mode)
    Lock function and unlock function
    As to those exceed 24 months of the purchase date, Olight will
    still provide with warranty service. Labor is free but cost of
    parts will be charged. This warranty covers parts and labor
    only as specified above. Freight and transit costs are the
    responsibility of the user/owner; not the factory or dealer.
    Olight warrants its products to be free from defects in
    materials and workmanship. Within 30 days of receipt,
    any defective lights will be offered repair or replacement
    by the retailer where the product was purchased. Olight will
    repair or replace, at its option and without charge, any product
    or part which is found to be defective under normal use and
    service within 24 months counting from the date of purchasing
    with proof of purchase, Such repair or replacement shall be the
    purchasers sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty,
    This warranty does not cover normal maintenance and service
    and does not apply to any products or parts which have been
    subject to modification, misuse, negligence, accident,
    improper maintenance or repair by anyone other than Olight .
    There is no other express warranty. Olight hereby disclaims any
    and all implied warranties, including but not limited to fitness for
    a particular purpose.
    Olight shall not be liable for incidental, consequential,
    or special damages arising out of, or connection with, product
    use or performance.
    Olight Technology Co., Limited
    Tel: +86-755-3351 8606
    Fax: +86-755-3380 0207
    Email: olightworld@gmail.com
    SR51 is one member of high power LED flashlights series
    made by Olight, it mounts latest in CREE XM-L U2 LED and
    drives LED to maximum capability, output luminous flux up
    to 900 lumens maximum, orange peer reflector enables
    smooth and wide light spot.
    Suitable for outdoor adventure, hunting, searching and
    Reflectors: Orange peel surface, aluminum alloy
    Battery: 6xCR123A/RCR123 or 2x18650 ( Use matched
    battery carrier for different battery type)
    Operate Voltage: 4.5~8.4V
    Output Luminous Flux/Runtimes:
    --- : 900 lumens /110 minutes
    ---Low Level: 250 lumens /10 hours
    ---Strobe: 10Hz (frequency)
    Dimension: Head: D63mm(2.48in) Body: D43.8mm(1.85in )
    Length: 190mm(7.48in)
    Material: Aluminum alloy body with type-III hard anodization
    Weight: 400g
    Color: Black
    Accessories: Lanyard x 1, Diffuser x 1, O-ring x 2, 18650
    battery carrier x1(optional)
    High Level
    Warranty Limitation
    1. Power on/off the light
    To power on the light, click power switch.
    To shut off the output, click power switch.
    2. Switch output mode
    Under on state, press and hold power switch, the output
    switches between high level and low level, choose expected
    level then release the switch.
    To enter into strobe mode, double click power switch under
    on state.
    Under strode mode, click power switch will shut off the
    output, but press and hold power switch will enter into either
    high level or low level.
    3. Lock and unlock
    To lock the light, under on sate, press and hold power switch
    until the output shut off automatically. Under lock state,
    press the power switch will not power on the light. Usually
    we use lock function when we make transportation with
    To unlock the light, quickly click the power switch 3 times
    within 1 second.
    Battery Installation
    After you unfold the package, unscrew the tail and fetch out
    the battery carrier, then install batteries as above 1 (Please
    install the batteries toward right polarity) and insert the
    installed battery carrier into the body, then screw the tail.
    When you don't need to use the flashlights for long time,
    please fetch out the battery carrier and uninstall batteries as
    above 2 and 3(push the batteries upwards along the battery
    slot then fetch them out).
    power switch
    stainless steel bezel
    Operation Introduction
Olight SR51 Intimidator

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Технические характеристики Olight SR51 Intimidator

Бренд Olight
Модель SR51 Intimidator
Изделие Фонарик
EAN 6959723818253
Язык английский
Тип файла PDF
Тип фонаря Ручной фонарик
Цвет товара Черный
Материал корпуса -
Ударопрочен до 1.5
Мощность лампочки -
Количество ламп 1
Количество уровней мощности 2
Световой поток 900
Расстояние светового луча (макс.) 475
Время работы батареи (макс) 10
Вес и размеры
Ширина 190
Глубина 63
Высота 63
Вес 400
Данные об упаковке
Количество в упаковке 1


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