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  • Water-proof Sporting Bluetooth Headset
    Outlimits B1 User Manual - English
    1. Caution
    • Do not attempt to service the unit yourself. Opening or removing covers may
    expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazards. Please contact your local
    reseller before you send the unit for repair.
    • Follow local regulations in the country or region you are in, while you are driving
    with headset.
    • Storage at high temperatures (above 50°C/122°F), such as in a running vehicle
    or under direct sunlight, may aect performance and eective battery life of the
    • Design of this headset can eectively prevent the accumulation of harmful dust
    and spilled liquids from any direction. But please do NOT put the headset or any
    components from it into water.
    The headset, especially the embedded battery must be properly disposed or may
    be recycled, contact your local recycling centers for disposal methods.
    2. Headset Overview
    1. Multi-function button
    2. Volume +
    3. Indicator
    4. Volume -
    5. Charging Port
    6. SPK
    7. Microphone
    3. Specications
    Item Specications and description
    Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR
    Support prole Headset Prole, Hands-Free Prole
    Operating range Up to 30 feet (10 meters)
    Standby time Up to 100 hours
    Talking time Up to 5 hours
    Charging time Approximately 2.5 hours
    4. Charging
    Insert the charging cable into the jack on the headset and the USB port on your PC
    or USB adapter.
    Charge the headset until the red indicator light turns o and the blue indicator
    light turns on.
    5. Turning on/o
    Turn the headset on: hold the Multi-function button for 3 seconds until the blue
    indicator light ashes 4 times.
    Turn the headset o: hold the Multi-function button for 3 seconds until blue and red
    indicator lights ash alternately.
    6. Indicator Instruction
    • Standby mode: In standby mode, the blue indicator light ashes every 3 seconds.
    Talking mode: When the headset is receiving a call, the blue indicator light ashes
    every 8 seconds.
    • Pairing mode: The blue indicator light keeps lit when the headset is waiting to be
    discovered and paired.
    • Low battery mode: In case that there is less than 10% of battery power left, the red
    indicator light ashes. Please then recharge the battery.
    8. Call Management
    Some functions may not be supported by some phones.
    In Standby mode
    Press the Multi-function once button to:
    • Answer an incoming call
    • Redial the last called number
    Press and hold multi-function button for at least 1 second to:
    • Make a voice-activated call
    • Reject an incoming call
    In Active mode
    Press the Multi-function button to:
    • End a call
    Transfer a call from the phone to the headset
    Press and hold Multi-function button for at least 1 second to:
    • Place a call on hold
    • Answer a new call
    • Retrieve a call on hold
    Press [+] or [-] to adjust the volume.
    Press and hold [+] or [-] to turn the microphone o or on.
    9. Maintenance
    Outlimits B1 is a well-designed communication device, careful maintenance and
    proper use will extend the product life and ensure its excellent performance.
    Following maintenance procedures may be helpful to you:
    • Always turn o and keep your headset in a safe place when it is not in use.
    Work in a high humidity condition: In order to keeping better performance, we
    suggest keep the device dry, away from water, precipitation, humidity, moisture,
    and various liquids that may corrode electronic circuits. If your device gets wet,
    turn it o immediately and wait until the device gets dry completely before
    using it.
    • Do not store the device in high temperatures. Extremely high temperature could
    aect performance of the headset, reduce battery life, and even damage the
    mechanical parts of the headset.
    • Do not store the device in extremely low temperature. The possible moisture
    that forms after you taking the device to a warm place could damage the internal
    electronic circuits.
    • Avoid using chemical and any other detergent to clean the device. A clean and soft
    cloth might be acceptable.
    Though the headset is designed to be shockproof, please avoid directly or
    intentionally knock on any parts of the headset. Otherwise, will degrade product
    performance, cause damages, and terminate warranty.
    7. Pairing
    1) Enter into pairing mode.
    • Hold the Multi-function button when the headset is o for 6 seconds until the blue
    indicator light remains lit after blinking.
    The headset will switch itself into pairing mode immediately after initial turning on.
    2) Search for and pair the headset to your phone according to operation instruction
    of the phone. (Bluetooth PIN: 0000)
    • After pairing, the blue indicator light will ash 10 times rapidly before the headset
    entering into Standby mode.
    • If the blue indicator light remains lit, retry pairing.
    3) Multi-pairing:
    • After successfully paired with one mobile phone (named Phone 1), turn o
    the Bluetooth function of Phone 1 and pair the headset with another mobile
    phone(named Phone 2) according to normal pairing steps.
    • After pairing with Phone 2, turn on the Bluetooth function of Phone 1, and the
    headset will pair with Phone 1 automatically.
    Note: Once the headset and the phone were successfully paired, the headset attempts
    to reconnect the last connected phone automatically each time it turns on. Otherwise,
    press the Multi-function button to reconnect.
    B1 UM a4.indd 1 28/06/11 17.55
Outlimits B1

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