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1. Introducing the ISIS Manual Breast Pump

The ISIS Manual Breast Pump is a breakthrough in breast pump design.
Its silicone diaphragm provides 100% reliable vacuum, whilst the Let-down
Massage Cushion naturally imitates your baby’s suckling action to provide
fast milk flow – silently, comfortably and gently. The pump is easy to
assemble, discreet to use and all parts are dishwasher safe.
Doctors recommend that breast milk is the best nutrition for babies during
the first year, combined with solid food after the first 6 months. Your milk
is specially adapted to your baby’s needs and contains antibodies which
help protect your baby against infection and allergies.
Your ISIS Manual Breast Pump will help you breastfeed longer. You can
express and store your milk so that – whether you are out for a few hours,
taking a well deserved rest, or back at work – your baby can still enjoy the
benefits of your breast milk, even if you can’t be there to give it yourself.
As the pump is so silent and discreet you can take it with you anywhere,
allowing you to express milk at your own convenience and maintain your
milk supply.
Since the AVENT Bottle and Airflex Teat are specially designed to mimic
breastfeeding, your baby will switch easily between breast and bottle.
This allows mothers to continue providing breast milk to baby even
when they return to work.
Randomised Trial Comparing the Efficacy of a Novel Manual Breast Pump With a
Standard Electric Breast Pump in Mothers Who Delivered Preterm Infants. M S Fewtrell,
P Lucas et al. MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre, London. Paediatrics June 2001.


1. Introducing the ISIS Manual Breast Pump
2. Detailed parts guide
3. Cleaning and sterilisation
4. Keeping your breast pump sterile for travel
5. Using the ISIS Manual Breast Pump with the
AVENT VIA Storage System
6. How to assemble the ISIS Manual Breast Pump
7. When to express milk
8. Hints to help you succeed
9. How to use the ISIS Manual Breast Pump
10. Storing your breast milk
11. Feeding your baby your expressed breast milk
12. Choosing the right teat for your baby
13. Troubleshooting guide
14. Other helpful products from Philips AVENT

Please take five minutes to read through the WHOLE

of this leaflet BEFORE you use your Philips AVENT ISIS

Manual Breast Pump for the first time.

Should you ever lose these
instructions, they are
available on our website:



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