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Dear customer,

The fax machine you have purchased prints on plain paper by
means of an ink cartridge. It also enables you to use additional
devices, such as cordless phones. Your fax machine is also equipped
with features that help you install and use it.

Sending and receiving fax messages

To send a fax message that is more than one page, you can place
up to ten pages into the document feeder. In case you run out of
paper, faxes are stored until you print them out.

E-mail / Internet

Your fax machine enables you to send and receive e-mail mes-
sages. After e-mail registration, fax messages can be transmitted
as e-mails via the Internet. Downloading and printing out Internet
pages is also an option.

Connection to a computer and

colour printing

Your fax is specially equipped for use with a computer. This means
that documents produced on your computer can be printed out
with the fax machine, even if they are in colour! Conversely, docu-
ments read in with the scanner can be processed on the compu-


Your fax machine comes with a detachable scanner. This enables
you to copy and then fax documents that cannot be fed into the
fax machine, such as pages out of books and magazines.
In addition, this fax machine provides copier features like: multi-
page copy, document enlargement and reduction as well as con-
trast adjustment.

Additional (cordless) telephones

Your fax machine fully supports the use of additional devices,
such as telephones, cordless telephones, external answering ma-
chines or any other telecommunication devices suitable. You can
transfer calls from the fax machine to a (cordless) telephone and
vice versa. You can also start fax reception from an additional
phone or stop the built-in answering device—if your fax ma-
chine has such a device—to start a telephone conversation.


! Never expose your fax machine to rain or any other
form of moisture, in order to prevent the risk of
electric shock or fire.
! In a thunderstorm, disconnect the fax machine from
both the mains and the telephone line. If you are
unable to disconnect the fax machine, do not use it
and do not telephone due to the danger of lightning
strike and/or damage to the device.

Help key

If you press w twice, your fax machine will print out a page
describing the basic functions. It also provides information about
additional help pages concerning fax machine use.

Quick and easy installation

EASY INSTALL will guide you through the installation of your
fax machine. Press w for more than two seconds and a sheet will
be printed out. Using this sheet together with the display prompts
will aid the installation of your machine. Once you have gone
through these steps the machine will automatically configure it-

Fax switch and modes





The fax switch separates fax and voice messages. For example, it
can receive fax messages silently, i.e. without ringing to avoid
causing a disturbance.
The operating modes S and M for day and night operation
allow you to decide on different modes during the day and at
night; how often the machine should ring prior to receipt of
faxes or before the answering machine is turned on; e.g. during
daytime it is assumed that calls should ring. After a set time the
fax reception is turned on or messages can be left on the (internal
or external) answering machine. At night it is assumed that dis-
turbances are minimised. Faxes are then received silently and calls
ring more quietly.
The timer U makes your fax machine switch automatically be-
tween S and M modes. The built-in clock makes your fax ma-
chine switch to M at 10 pm and back to S at 6 am. Of course
you can change these times according to your individual needs
or switch off the timer. The display will show the current set-

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