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1 Important

Read this user manual carefully before you use the appliance, and save the user manual for
future reference.
• Never immerse the motor unit in water or any other liquid, nor rinse it under the tap.
Only use a moist cloth to clean the motor unit.
• Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage
before you connect the appliance.
• Do not use the appliance if the plug, the mains cord or other parts are damaged.
• If the mains cord is damaged, you must have it replaced by Philips, a service center
• If the appliance is damaged, always have it replaced with one of the original type,
otherwise your guarantee is no longer valid.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
• Children should be supervised to make sure that they do not play with the appliance.
• Do not touch the blades, especially when the appliance is plugged in. The blades are
very sharp.
• If the blades get stuck, unplug the appliance before you remove the ingredients that
block the blades.
• Switch off the appliance and disconnect it from the mains if you leave it unattended and
before you change accessories or approach parts that move during use and cleaning.
• Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers or that Philips does not
• This appliance is intended for household use only.
• Do not exceed the quantities and processing times indicated in Fig.2.
• Do not process more than 1 batch without interruption. Let the appliance cool down
to room temperature before you continue processing.
• Noise level: Lc = 85dB [A]
Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and
components, which can be recycled and reused.
(MAX)(MAX)100-400 ml100-500 ml100-1000 ml100 g100 g250 ml
4 x
50-100 g (max)
20 g
120 g (max)60 sec60 sec60 sec5 x 1 sec2 x 10 sec70-90 sec120 sec3 x 5 sec5 x 1 sec5 sec2x2x2 cm
When you see the crossed-out wheel bin symbol attached to a product, it means the
product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC:
Never dispose of your product with other household waste. Please inform yourself
about the local rules on the separate collection of electrical and electronic products.
The correct disposal of your old product helps prevent potentially negative
consequences on the environment and human health.

2 Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

If handled properly and according to the instructions in this user manual, the appliance is

3 Introduction

that Philips offers, register your product at
For recipes to use with your hand blender, go to

4 Overview

On/Off button Chopper lid
Turbo speed button Chopper unit
Motor unit Chopper bowl
Bar body Beaker lid
Whisk connector Beaker

5 Before the first use

Thoroughly clean the parts that will come into contact with food before you use the
Preparing for use1 Cool down hot ingredients before chopping or pouring into the beaker
(max. temperature 80 °C).
2 Cut large ingredients into pieces of approximately 2 cm before processing them.3 Assemble the appliance properly before plugging it into the wall socket.

6 Use the appliance

The hand blender is intended for:
• mixing soft ingredients, e.g. pancake batter and mayonnaise.
• pureeing cooked ingredients, e.g. for making baby food.
Just press On/Off button to switch on the appliance. For the ingredients with suggested
speed Turbo in Fig.2, you may press Turbo speed button ( in Fig.1) to switch on.
When you use the turbo speed button, the appliance operates at maximum speed.
The higher the speed, the shorter the processing time required.
When you make mayonnaise, add oil little by little for the best and stable result.
The chopper is intended for chopping ingredients such as nuts, meat, onions, hard cheese,
boiled eggs, garlic, herbs, dry bread and etc.
The blades are very sharp! Be very careful when handling the blade unit, especially when
removing it from the chopper bowl, when emptying the chopper bowl, and during cleaning.
If the ingredients stick to the wall of the chopper bowl, stop the chopper, and then loosen the
ingredients by adding liquid or using a spatula.
For best results when processing beef, please use refrigerated beef cubes,
The whisk is intended for whipping cream, whisking egg whites, desserts etc.
When you beat egg whites, use a large bowl for the best result.
To prevent splashing, start at a low speed setting and continue with a higher speed after
approx. 1 minute.

7 Cleaning (Fig.6)

Do not immerse the motor unit, the whisk coupling, the mini chopper lid in water.
Always detach the accessories from the motor unit before you clean them.
Unplug the appliance before you clean it or release any accessory.
You can also remove the rubber rings from the chopper bowls for extra thorough cleaning.
For quick cleaning, pour warm water with some washing-up liquid in the beaker, insert the
blender bar and let the appliance operate for approximate 10 seconds.
1 Press the release buttons on the motor unit to remove the accessory you have used.2 Disassemble the accessory.3 See the separate cleaning table at the end of this user manual for further instructions.

8 Storage

1 Wind the power cord round the heel of the appliance.2 Store the appliance in a dry place away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

9 Accessories

You can order a direct-driven mini chopper (under service code number 4203 035 83450)
from your Philips dealer or a Philips service centre as an extra accessory for the HR1680.
Use the quantities and processing times of the mini chopper for this accessory.

10 Guarantee and service

If you need service or information or if you have a problem, please visit the Philips website atorcontactthePhilipsConsumerCareCentreinyourcountry(youndits
your country, go to your local Philips dealer.

11 Recipe

Baby food recipe
Ingredients Quantity Speed Time
Cooked potatoes 50 g
On 60 sec
Cooked chicken 50 g
Cooked french beans 50 g
Milk 100 ml
Note: Always let the appliance cool down to room temperature after each batch you process.


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Бренд Philips
Модель Jamie Oliver HR1680
Изделие Блендер
EAN 8710103580997, 8710103595199, 8710103616986, 18710103616983, 68710103616988, 18710103595196, 68710103595191
Язык английский
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Объем чаши 1 L
Материал лезвия Нержавеющая сталь
Материал кувшина SAN
Материал корпуса Plastic,Rubber
Содержимое упаковки
Сбивалка Да
Измерительная чашка Да
Тип Погружной
Съемная чаша Да
Легкая чистка Да
Длина шнура 1.2 m
Комплектующие пригодны для мытья в посудомоечной машине Да
Цвет товара Blue,White
Мощность 650 W
Входящее напряжение сети 220 - 240 V
Частота входящего переменного тока 50 - 60 Hz
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