Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4M

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    Costa Mesa
    CA 92626
    Telephone +1 866 302 1091
    Email :
    Owner’s Manual
    Firstly, let us congratulate you on your purchase of the DRSQ-4M mk2, Microphone Pre-
    Amplifier/DI/Eq. The DRSQ-4M mk2 is a 4 Band Gyratory-based Eq with 11 selectable
    frequencies, and Mic, Line, and DI inputs. We know you will be as pleased with it’s sonic
    qualities as we are.
    You are now the proud owner of a Mic-pre/DI/Eq that has the advantages of more than 25
    years experience in audio engineering, today’s component and manufacturing technology, but
    still retaining “that sound” uniquely achievable through Class A design.
    As you can tell, Phoenix Audio is dedicated to the development of Class A discrete
    technology used within high build-quality equipment.
    The DRS-Q4M mk2 uses our well proven and loved Class A output stage (DSOP-2),
    but also has our latest breakthrough in transformer-less Class A, Discrete, truly-
    balanced Mic Input Technology which gives a "valve-like" sound. It also incorporates
    our high input impedance DI circuitry.
    You CAN hear the difference!!!
Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4M

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