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Plantronics .Audio 995 Wireless
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Congratulations on purchasing your new Plantronics .Audio
This User Guide contains instructions for setting up and using the
.Audio 995. Please refer to the separate For Your Safety guide for
important product safety and charging information prior to installation
or use.

Getting Assistance

The Plantronics Technical Assistance Center is ready to assist
you. You can find answers to frequently asked questions, ask
a question using e-mail, receive service over the Internet, or speak
directly with a representative. Call (800) 544-4660 or visit

Registering Your Product

Visit registration to register your
product online so we can provide you with the best service and
technical support.


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Бренд Plantronics
Модель .Audio 995 Wireless
Изделие Гарнитура
EAN 5033588030300
Язык английский
Тип файла Руководство пользователя (PDF)

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