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Using Your Headset

Congratulations, you can now listen to your favorite music or talk with friends and family using your new
wireless headset.
Using Your Headset
1 Make sure that your headset is fully charged. When fully charged, the red status light turns
Do not use your headset while it is connected to the charger.
2 Connect the wireless adapter to a USB port on your computer.
Your computer and USB hub (if using) should be turned on.
3 After removing your headset from the charger, press the Power button to turn the headset on.
The headset and the adapter should connect immediately, and the indicator lights on both headset and
wireless adapter will be solid blue. If you cannot hear anything through your headset, try adjusting the
volume up or restarting the media application.
NOTE If steps 1 through 3 do not work, refer to “Pairing Your Headset” on page 4 to manually pair your
headset and adapter.

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.Audio 995 Wireless
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