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инструкцияPolar S725
Polar S725 offers you the possibility for
infrared communication with Polar training
analysis software. See the instructions from
the CD-ROM set.



Display symbols

With the following accessories you get the most out of your S725
See the glossary for display text interpretation.
Polar Cadence Sensor:A wireless sensor that measures the speed at whichyou turn the pedals of your bicycle.IR Interface:The Polar IR interface is designed for communicationbetween Polar heart rate monitors and Polar softwareproducts. For infrared connection to your PC you needa Polar IR interface if you do not have an IrDA port inyour PC.Power Output Sensor:The Polar Power Output system measures pedalingpower when cycling. It also measures left/right balance(LRB describes the share of power output of left andright as a percentage), pedaling Index (describes howevenly power output was produced during a cycleround), speed, cadence and distance. If you use thePower Sensor, you do not need to mount any otheraccessories on your bicycle.
Indicates an ongoing heart rate measurement and flashes to the beat of your heart.
Indicates there has not been heart rate reception for at least 5 seconds.
- - Indicates there is no heart rate reception. Bring the wrist unit up to your chest
near the transmitter’s Polar logo.
The wrist unit starts looking for the heart rate signal again.
Options mode: indicates that you are setting the bike functions.
Measuring/Recording mode: indicates that bike 1 or 2 is on.
File mode: indicates cycling information.
In the Time of day display the alarm is on.
Measuring mode: beeps if you are exercising outside your target heart rate zone.
Fitness Test mode: sounds an alarm at the end of the fitness test.
Indicates the Interval Trainer.
Indicates continuous interval (Cont).
Recording mode: indicates the heart rate above the target zone.
Recording mode: indicates the heart rate below the target zone.
The graphic bar consists of five blocks. A flashing block indicates in which level you are
in the Options settings or File recalling loops. Continuously running bars indicate that
the exercise is recorded.
Indicates low battery.
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