Remington Keratin Protect S8598 инструкция

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Fast heat up - ready in 15 seconds.
Adjustable +/- temperature controls, provides precise heat control to suit hair
type and length.
Switch lock function - prevents accidentally changing the temperature
settings while using the styler.
Turbo boost function – automatically sets the highest temperature. Hold the
+’ button for 2 seconds and the temperature will boost to 23C.
Please note, the highest temperature is not suitable for every hair type.
Please select a temperature mode depending on your hair texture.
Temperature lock function - prevents accidentally changing the temperature
settings while using the styler.
Automatic safety shut off – this unit will switch itself off if no button is
pressed or it is left on after 60 minutes
Multivoltage: for home or abroad. At 120V times and temperatures may vary.
Before use, ensure the hair is clean, dry and tangle-free.
Section the hair prior to styling.
Style the lower layers first.
Plug the styler into the mains power supply.
When the straightener is plugged in but not turned on the lock symbol B
will be illuminated indicating the styler is in standby mode.
Press and hold the on button to switch on.
The Heat Protection sensor will automatically be on when the styler is
turned on – indicated by the illuminated sensor indicator icon .
To turn this function off press and hold the Heat Protection Sensor On/O
Start styling on lower temperatures first. Select the appropriate
temperature for your hair type by adjusting the +/- temperature controls on
the side of the product.
+’ Increases the temperature ‘- ‘decreases the temperature.

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