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Note: This product does not contain any user-serviceable parts.Your detail trimmer is designed to give you years of comfortable use. To ensure that you get optimal performance from it, follow these simple cleaning and lubrication tips: Cleaning Your TrimmerAfter each use, brush or blow accumulated hair from the cutting unit.Cleaning inside the handleFor a more thorough cleaning, remove hairs from inside the handle. 1. Make sure the trimmer is OFF and push down the lock to release the trimmer head. (Figure F)2. Remove trimmer head and clean both head and handle tip with brush. 3. Apply a drop of mineral oil or baby oil to the top of the cutting blades.4. Replace trimmer head and snap into place by pushing the lock back up.



When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be observed, including the following. Read all instructions before using this appliance.


To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to persons:Do not use this appliance with a damaged or broken cutting unit, as injury may occur. Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by, on, or near children and persons with special needs or certain disabilities. This trimmer is designed for household use only. Do not use attachments not recommended or authorized by manufacturer. Always store your trimmer in a moisture-free environment. Do not store trimmer in temperatures exceeding 130°F/54°C. Always remember to turn on the trimmer before you insert it into your nose or ear to avoid painfully snagging hairs. Never insert the trimmer more than 1/4" (6mm) into nose or ear. Foreign objects should not come into contact with eardrum.


Use and
Care Guide
Before Use:Test a small area on an arm or leg before using your trimmer completely. Discontinue use immediately if any sensitivity or aller-gic reaction occurs. Do not use on sensitive or irritated skin.How to Use: This trimmer comes with two trimming blades. The larger blade can be used for trimming body hair, neck and sideburns. The smaller blade is ideal for detailing nose/ear hair and eyebrow trimming.The MPT-3600 features a 2 position adjustable head, which can lock at a convenient angle for greater visibility. To adjust the trimmer angle, gently grip both sides of the head, just below the trimmer blade and apply slight pressure towards the side of the detail trimmer until the head clicks in place. (Figure D)It also comes with an attachment comb that helps you to achieve an even cut when you do not want to completely remove the hair. The attachment comb has two sides, the long tooth leaves hair longer than the short tooth (we recom-mend starting with the long tooth). To use the attachment comb, be sure the unit is in the “off” position and slide it over the trimming blades. (Figure E) Make sure that the teeth of the comb are facing in the same direction as the
How To Use
All Remington
detail trimmers run on one "AAA" ALKALINE battery.Inserting the Battery1. Make sure the trimmer is “OFF” and remove the protec-tive cap.2. Hold the upper part of the unit and gently slide the lower part off. (Figure A) 3. Insert one “AAA” ALKALINE battery positive end down. (Figure B) 4. Slide bottom part back onto the unit, making sure the notch slides over the ON/OFF switch. (Figure C)Use of any batteries other than alkaline will negatively affect the unit’s operating performance. Batteries should not be left in the unit if the unit is not in use for long periods. To prevent battery corrosion the unit should be kept in a dry environment. Dead batteries should be removed immediately and disposed of properly. Do not use rechargeable batteries. The lower voltage in recharged batteries impairs the performance of the cutting unit.
Replacing the Battery
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Performance Guarantee
Limited Two-Year WarrantySpectrum Brands, Inc. warrants this product against any defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a two-year period from the original date of consumer purchase. If the product should become defective within the warranty period, we will replace it free of charge. Return your product and sales receipt with your name, address and day time phone number to: Remington Returns Center, 507 Stokely Dr., P.O. Box 1, Deforest, WI 53532. For more information call 800-736-4648 in the U.S. or 800-268-0425 in Canada.KEEP ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT AS PROOF OF PURCHASE FOR OR WARRANTY PURPOSES.This warranty does not cover products damaged by the following:Accident, misuse, abuse or alteration of the productServicing by unauthorized personsUse with unauthorized accessoriesAny other conditions beyond our controlSPECTRUM BRANDS, INC. SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IM PLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS AND MERCHANTABILITY, ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO TWO YEARS FROM DATE OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE.This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state or province to province. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, special or consequential damages.Performance GuaranteeSpectrum Brands, Inc. Money-back OfferIf within 30 days after you have purchased your Remington
branded product, you are not satisfied and would like a refund, return it with the sales slip indicating purchase price and date of purchase to the retailer from whom it was purchased. Spectrum Brands, Inc. will reimburse all retailers who accept the product within 30 days from the date of purchase. If you have any questions concerning the money-back guarantee, please call 800-736-4648 in U.S. or 800-268-0425 in Canada
® Registered Trademark of ROVCAL, Inc.Questions or comments: Call 800-736-4648 in U.S. or 800-268-0425 in Canada. Or visit www.RemingtonProducts.comDist. by: Spectrum Brands, Inc., Madison, WI 53711Dist. by: Spectrum Brands Canada, Inc., Mississauga, ON L5L 0A1© 2011 ROVCAL, INC. 12/11 Job # CS 42999Manufactured to Remington’s specifications in the PRC. T22-33791
1. Place the trimmer at a slight angle to the skin, and trim in the direction of hair growth.2. Continue trimming in the direction of growth. Be careful not to apply excess pressure to the blade. This may damage the blade, and can result in injury to the skin during trimming.3. Pull the skin taut with one hand during the trimming process to ensure the closest possible cut.4. When trimming sideburns, upper lip, or brow hair, use trimmer in upright position.5. When trimming nose or ear hair, adjust the trimmer to the angled position for greater visibility and precision.
Trimming Tips
trimming blade and that the top of the comb is even with the top of the trimmer.If you want to completely remove hair, use the trimmer without the attachment comb.To operate the trimmer, slide the “on” switch towards the trimming blades. When you are finished trimming, slide the “on” switch away from the blades.

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MPT3600C | MPT3600C
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Назначение прецизионного триммераEar, Eyebrow, Nose
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