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    Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
    The Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals are solid 3-axis rudder pedals designed to maximise realism by enabling foot control of the
    rudder function in flightsimulation PCGames. The Pro Flight Rudder Pedals work with any Saitek PC Flight Stick, but are designed
    specifically to complement the Saitek X52 Flight Control System to enhance flight sim experiences.
    Self-centering pedals with adjustable tension
    Silent, smooth action for optimum control and precision
    Toe brakes
    Tension adjustment - choose resistance to suit the way you fly
    Pedals adjust to fit all sizes and include non-slip materials
    High quality, solid, construction for long life
    Advanced SST Programming
    Installation for Users of Windows® XP and Windows XP64
    A) Drivers Only For Typical Users
    With your computer switched on, close down any programs that are currently running and insert the Saitek Smart
    Technology CD into your CD-ROM drive.
    When the Introduction Screen appears, click Install Software to continue. If the CD does not run automatically, select Start
    from the Windows® Taskbar,then Run and type D:\Setup.exe and click OK - where D:\ is letter of your CD-ROM drive.
    When the Welcome screen appears, click Next to continue.3.
    After reading the Disclaimer, select the I accept the terms of the Disclaimer option and click Next to continue.4.
    At the Driver Setup screen, if you haven't already done so, plug the USB cable into one of your computer's USB ports and
    click on Next.
    When the Saitek Controller test screen appears, try out your rudder pedals’controls to show that they are working properly.
    When you have finished, click OK
    At the Software Setup screen, select Do not install the SST Programming Software and click Next. The Programming
    Software can be installed at a laterdate by following instruction (B). below
    At the Registration screen, select Check this box to register now and follow the on-screen instructions, or you can choose
    to select this option later.
    Click on Finish to complete the installation.9.
    B) Drivers and Programming Software For Advanced Users
Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals PC

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EAN 21165105539
Язык английский
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