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  • SK-R01
    Support Rig
    The SK-R01 Shoulder Support Video Stabilizer is a support that
    features two-point Stabilization using a shoulder mount and a
    hand grip.
    Thank you for choosing Sevenoak and congratulations on your
    Purchase of the Sevenoak SK-R01 Shoulder Support Rig.
    The Sevenoak Shoulder Support Rig is a compact camera
    stabilization rig that uses a comfortable foam padded shoulder
    pad mount and a hand grip to help you support your camera
    and keep it steady when shooting video.The SK-R01 reduces
    muscle fatigue,while eliminating distracting camera move
    -ment for smoother,more professional-looking movies.It can
    support cameras weighing up to 5.5 pounds.
    The SK-R01 is height-adjustable and can be used on the left
    or the right shoulder,with a hand grip that’s detachable and
    can be used as a stand-alone support for lightweight cameras.
    The SK-R01 weighs just 2.25 pounds.
    4. Mount the hand grip to the shoulder mount frame by
    screwing the end of the hand grip into the hole provided
    at the end of the camera baseplate.Align the hand grip
    correctly to the hole,which is angled slightly.Tighten the
    hand grip securely.
    7. Adjust the distance of the camera from your eye by loosening
    the baeplate mounting screw slightly and sliding the camera
    forward or back to the desired position.Tighten the screw
    securely. Do not overtighten.
    8. To adjust the vertical position of the camera,loosen the
    shoulder mount frame mounting plate screw and slide the
    shoulder mount frame up or down to the desired position.
    Tighten the screw securely.Do not overtighten.
    When you’re finished shooting,remove the camera from the
    shoulder mount.
    Slots on end of the shoulder pad may be used for additional
    accessories such as counterweights and shoulder straps.
    5. Screw the camera mounting screw into the camera baseplate
    using one of the holes provided.
    6. Attach the camera to the baseplate using the camera
    mounting screw.Tighten securely.
    1. Install the shoulder pad mounting plate on to the shoulder
    pad using the two included Allen screws and the included
    Allen wrench.If the Sk-R01 will be on the right shoulder,place
    the plate so that the long part of the plate extends to the
    right of the screws.If the left shoulder will be holding the
    support,the long part of the plate should extend to the left
    of the screws.
    2. Attach the shoulder mount frame to the shoulder pad using
    the shoulder mount frame mounting plate and the included
    shoulder mount frame mounting plate screw.With the screw
    in place,you can adjust the vertical height of the rig by
    loosening the screw slightly and moving the shoulder mount
    frame up or down until it’s at desired height.Then tighten the
    mounting screw securely.Do not overtighten.
    3. Attach the camera baseplate to the shoulder mount frame
    using the baseplate mounting plate and the baseplate
    mounting plate screw.After the baseplate is munted to the
    shoulder mount frame,you can adjust the baseplate by
    loosening the screw and sliding the baseplate forwards or
    back.When the baseplate is in the correct position,tighten
    the mounting screw securely.Do not overtighten.
    Please read and follow these instructions,and keep this
    manual in a safe place.
    Handle the unit with care.
    Clean the unit with a soft,dry cloth.
    Use only parts provided by the manufacturer.
    Make sure everything is secure before proceeding.
    Make sure the item is intact and that there are no missing parts.
    Do not exceed the maximum load capacity.
    All photos are for illustrative purposes only.
    Hand grip may be used as a
    standalone grip for smaller
    Threaded holes in camera
    baseplate may be used to
    mount accesories with the
    use of brackets.
    Removable hand grip
    Foam shoulder pad
    Stainless steel shoulder mount frame
    Camera baseplate
    Camera mounting screw
    Shoulder pad mounting plate with two
    Allen screws (+1 spare)
    Allen wrench
    Mounting the camera
    Shoulder mount frame mounting plate
    with one screw
    Baseplate mounting plate with one screw
    Limited one-year Warranty
    Sevenoak provides a limited warranty that this product is free
    from defects in materials and workmanship to the original
    purchaser under normal use for a period of one (1) year from
    the original purchase date or thirty(30) days after replace-ment
    (the“Warranty Period”),Whichever occurs later.Our responsibility
    with respect to this limited warranty shall be limited solely to
    repair or replacement,at its option,of any product which fails
    during normal consumer use.
    To obtain warranty coverage during the Warranty Period,
    contact your place of purchase(“Seller”) to obtain a return
    merchandise authorization(“RMA”) number,and return to
    Seller the defective Product along with proof of purchase and
    the RMA number.
    This warranty does not extend to damage or failure which
    results from misuse,neglect,accident,alteration,abuse,improper
    installation or mainterance.EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN,
    PARTICULAR PURPOSE.This warranty provides you with specific
    legal rights,and you may also have additional rights which vary
    from state to state.
    2017 Sevenoak Inc.Visit us on the
    web at
    2017 Sevenoak Inc.Visit us on the
    web at
Sevenoak SK-R6

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