Siemens Gigaset A400

Siemens Gigaset A400 инструкция

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    A400/A400A / IM-Nord EN / A31008-M2201-R201-1-SM19 / / 06.07.2010
    Gigaset A400
    Ð V
    INT 1
    11.12. 11:56
    Þ Menu
    1 Charge status of the batteries
    (¢ page 6)
    2 Signal strength (¢ page 6)
    3 Internal number of the handset
    4 Using the display keys
    5 Control key (p)
    t: Open the menu for setting
    the volume (¢ page 15)
    s: Open the directory
    (¢ page 8)
    u: Display the list of registered
    v: Microphone off (¢ page 7)
    6 Accept/speaker key (¢ page 7)
    7 End call key and On/Off key
    8 Ringer melody on/off
    (press and hold in idle status)
    9 Keypad lock on/off
    (press and hold in idle status)
    10 Message key (¢ page 8)
    11 Microphone
    12 Recall key
    - Recall (flash)
    - Dialling pause (press and hold)
    The handset at a glance
    Display keys on handset:
    Pressing a key launches the func-
    tion that appears above that key in
    the display.
    Other icons in the top display line:
    Function when pressed
    Open redial list ¢ page 8.
    Open main/submenu (see
    menu tree ¢ page 15).
    Go back one menu level.
    Scroll up/down or adjust
    volume with q.
    Move cursor to left/right
    with r.
    Backspace deletes one
    character at a time from
    right to left.
    Confirm menu function or
    save entry.
    Ringer melody off
    Keypad locked
    Eco Mode+ activated
    (¢ page 1)
    Please note
    To change the display language, proceed as described on page 10.
    The base at a glance
    Registration/paging key:
    Search for handsets
    (press briefly, "paging"
    ¢ page 9)
    Register handsets (press
    and hold ¢ page 9).
    You are helping to protect the environment with your Gigaset A400.
    Reducing energy consumption
    Your telephone has a power-saving adapter plug and uses less power.
    Reduced transmission power
    The transmission power of your telephone is reduced automatically:
    The handset's transmission power is reduced depending on the distance to the
    base. The transmission power on the base is reduced to virtually zero when only
    one handset is registered and the handset is in the base.
    You can reduce the transmission power of the handset and base even more by
    using Eco Mode/Eco Mode+ (see menu tree page 15):
    u Eco Mode: 80% transmission power reduction in standby mode and during
    a call (the range of the base is reduced).
    u Eco Mode+: 100% transmission power deactivation in standby mode (top
    left display icon
    ½). Press and hold the accept key c to check that the base
    can be reached. You hear the ringing tone if the base can be reached. When
    Eco Mode+ is activated, handset standby time is reduced by approx. 50%.
Siemens Gigaset A400

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Технические характеристики Siemens Gigaset A400

Бренд Siemens
Модель Gigaset A400
Изделие Телефон DECT / VoIP
EAN 4250366814650
Язык английский
Тип файла PDF

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