Silva Pro Line CR35

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    PRO LINE cR35
    Silva Pro Line Series - a rugged and waterproof range of professional headlamps designed for use in the toughest of
    conditions by industrial, professional and DIY users. Silva Pro Line CR35 is a compact and strong headlamp that is
    perfect for close range work. The compact size makes it easy to take anywhere so that you are prepared whenever
    you need an extra light source, and require to keep your hands free.
    PROduct INfORmatION
    1. Turn the headlamp on
    2. Go through the different light modes
    3. Show the tilting angle possibility
    4. Turn the headlamp off
    • Fully dust- and waterproof (IPX7) – use in all conditions
    • 4 Light modes – flexible use depending on light
    • Up to 90 hours light time – reduces the risk of running
    out of batteries
    • Compact design – unobtrusive, easy to carry and store
    • Large on/off button – can be operated with gloves
    • Tilting angle possibility
Silva Pro Line CR35

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Бренд Silva
Модель Pro Line CR35
Изделие Фонарик
EAN 7318860189340
Язык английский
Тип файла PDF