Snow Joe 324E

Snow Joe 324E инструкция

  • © 2012 by Snow Joe, LLC
    All rights reserved. Original instructions.
    Safety Instructions
    All Operators Must Read These
    Instructions Before Use
    Any electrical appliance can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
    Some of the safety precautions given in this manual apply
    generally to many appliances. Other warnings are specic to
    the use of this snow shovel.
    General Safety WARNINGS!
    You and any other operator of this snow shovel must read,
    understand and follow these instructions in their entirety, and
    should re-read them at the start of each snow season. Failure
    to follow these instructions may result in ELECTRIC SHOCK,
    FIRE and/or serious PERSONAL INJURY.
    Notice the personal safety alert symbol
    m used in this
    manual to draw your attention to a WARNING given along
    with the particular operating instruction. This means that
    the operation requires special ATTENTION, CAUTION, and
    1. Replacement parts—When servicing use only identical
    replacement parts. Replace or repair damaged cords.
    Do not use on graveled surface unless the snow shovel
    is adjusted for such a surface in accordance with the
    operator’s manual.
    2. Keep children and bystanders away- All visitors should
    be kept at a distance from the work area.
    3. Dress properly—Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry.
    They can be caught in moving parts.
    Wear rubber boots when operating the snow shovel.
    Operation of the snow shovel in the hand-held position is
    unsafe, except in accordance with the special instructions
    for such use provided in the operator’s manual.
    m Warning—To prevent electric shock, use only with an
    extension cord suitable for outdoor use. (Does not apply
    to battery-operated snow shovel.)
    4. Extension cords—To prevent disconnection of appliance
    cord from the extension cord during operation, connect
    the extension cord to the product as shown on page 5+6.
    5. Avoid accidental starting—Don’t carry the snow shovel
    with your nger on the switch. Be sure switch is off when
    plugging in.
    If cord is damaged in any manner while plugged in, pull
    extension cord from wall receptacle.
    6. Don’t abuse cord—Never carry snow shovel by cord or
    yank it to disconnect from receptacle. Keep cord from
    heat, oil, and sharp edges. (Does not apply to battery-
    operated snow shovels.)
    Keep hands away from moving parts. Keep guards in
    place and in working order.
    7. Don’t force snow shovel—It will perform better and safer
    at the rate for which it was designed.
    8. Do not overreach—Keep proper footing and balance at
    all times.
    If the snow shovel strikes a foreign object, follow these
    Stop the snow shovel.
    Inspect for damage.
    Repair any damage before restarting and
    operating the snow shovel.
    9. Disconnect snow shovel—Disconnect the snow shovel
    from the power supply when not in use, before servicing,
    when changing accessories, and the like.
    Store idle snow shovels indoors—When not in use, snow
    shovels should be stored indoors in dry, locked place—
    out of reach of children.
    10. Maintain snow shovels with care—Follow instructions
    for lubricating and changing accessories.
    This snow shovel meets or exceeds the B71.3
    specications of the American National Standards
    Institute in effect at the time of production.
    Read and understand the contents of this manual
    before you start the motor.
    mThis is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert
    you to potential personal injury hazards. Obey all
    safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid
    possible injury or death.
    Improperly using or maintaining this snow shovel
    could result in injury or death. To reduce this potential,
    comply with the following safety instructions.
    This snow shovel is capable of amputating hands and
    feet and of throwing objects. Failure to observe the
    following safety instructions could result in serious
    Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the
    machine and in the manual(s) before operating this unit. Be
    thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of
    the equipment. Know how to stop the unit and disengage
    the controls quickly.
    A Division of Snow Joe, LLC
    Electric Snow Shovel
    Model No. 324E
    Electric Snow Shovel
    Form No. SJ324E-880E
Snow Joe 324E

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Бренд Snow Joe
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