• WP-450
    03EF046000000 Rev A
    Model: EF0460
    Safety Information
    Refer to the following information to use your product
    safely, and to reduce the chance of electric shock,
    short-circuiting, damage, fire, hearing impairment
    or other hazards. Improper handling may void the
    warranty for your product. For more information,
    read the warranty available with your product.
    • Donotdismantleorattempttorepairyourproduct.
    Refer all servicing to authorized repair agents.
    • Donotexposeyourproducttotemperaturesoutside
    the range of 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F).
    • Donotpierce,crushorsetretoyourproduct.
    • Keep your product away from strong magnetic
    • Do not subject your product to excessive force or
    • Do not expose your product to water or moisture.
    If your product is moisture-resistant, take care not to
    • When a conductive apparatus such as earphones,
    is used in closeproximitywith aCRT televisionor
    CRT monitor, the latter may emit an electrostatic
    discharge. This electrostatic discharge can be felt
    as a static shock. While this static shock is usually
    harmless, it is good practice to avoid close contact
    • Donotlistentoaudioonyourearbudsorheadphones
    at high volume for prolonged periods of time
    as hearing loss may result. For users in the
    United States, go to www.hei.org for more
    • Do not listen to your audio device at high volume
    when driving, cycling or crossing the road, especially
    in heavy traffic, or in any other traffic condition where
    such use will hinder safe travel on the roads.
    when using this device on the road.
    Embedded Battery
    • Do not attempt to remove the embedded battery.
    environmental regulations. To replace the battery,
    return your product to your regional support office.
    For product service information,
    go to www.creative.com.
    • Donot expose toexcessiveheat suchas sunshine,
    fire or the like
    CAUTION: Riskofexplosionifbatteryisreplacedby
    incorrect types.

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Бренд Waterpik
Модель WP-450
Изделие Устройство для флоссинга
EAN []
Язык голландский, английский, немецкий, французский, испанский, итальянский, шведский, португальский, датский, польский, русский, норвежский, Финляндия, турецкий, словацкий, китайский, Японский Язык
Тип файла PDF
Технические характеристики
Количество 1
Цвет товара Blue, White
Цвет товара Blue, White

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