Weber Smokey Joe Premium

Weber Smokey Joe Premium инструкция

  • 14" (37 cm) / 18" (47 cm) / 22" (57 cm)
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    Do not discard. This document contains important product information, warnings and cautions.
    Note: Do not operate this smoker until you have read this owner’s guide.
    Failure to follow the Dangers, Warnings, and Cautions contained in this Owner’s Manual may result in serious bodily injury,
    death, or fire, as well as damage to property.
    Do not use indoors! This smoker is designed for outdoor use
    only. If used indoors, toxic fumes will accumulate and cause
    serious bodily injury or death.
    Never use charcoal impregnated with charcoal lighter fluid.
    Do not add charcoal lighter fluid or charcoal impregnated
    with charcoal lighter fluid to hot or warm coals.
    Do not use lighter fluid, gasoline, alcohol, or other highly
    volatile fluids to ignite or re-ignite charcoal.
    Do not use or store lighter fluid, gasoline, alcohol, or other
    highly volatile fluids within five feet of the smoker.
    Do not leave infants, children, or pets unattended near a hot
    ATTENTION! This smoker will become very hot; do not move
    it during operation.
    Do not use this smoker within five feet of any combustible
    Do not use this smoker unless all parts are in place.
    Do not remove ashes until all coals are completely burned
    out and are fully extinguished.
    Do not wear clothing with loose flowing sleeves while
    lighting or using the smoker.
    Do not use the smoker in high winds.
    Keep the smoker in a level position at all times.
    Combustion by-products produced when using this product
    contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause
    cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
    Remove the lid from the smoker while lighting charcoal
    Always put charcoal on top of the charcoal grate and not
    directly into the bottom bowl.
    Never touch the cooking or charcoal grate, or the smoker, to
    see if they are hot.
    Barbecue mitts or hot pads should always be used to protect
    hands while using the smoker or adjusting the vents.
    Use proper barbecue tools with long, heat-resistant
    To extinguish the coals, place the lid on the smoker and
    close all vents. Do not use water, since it will damage the
    porcelain enamel finish.
    To control flare-ups, place the lid on smoker. Do not use
    Handle and store hot electric starters carefully.
    Keep electrical cords away from the hot surfaces of the
    smoker. Route all electrical cords away from traffic areas.
    Lining the bowl with aluminum foil will obstruct the air flow.
    Using sharp objects to clean the cooking grate or remove
    ashes will damage the finish.
    Using abrasive cleaners on the cooking grate or the smoker
    itself will damage the finish.
    Remove all debris from the bottom heat shield prior to
    operating the smoker.
    WARNING! Keep children and pets away.
    Do not use smoker on any table.
    Assembly - Page 122
    CENTRAL EUROPE 06/24/14
Weber Smokey Joe Premium

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Посмотреть руководство для Weber Smokey Joe Premium бесплатно. Руководство относится к категории Барбекю, 1 человек(а) дали ему среднюю оценку 7.8. Руководство доступно на следующих языках: русский, английский, датский, немецкий, испанский, Финляндия, французский, итальянский, голландский, норвежский, польский, шведский. У вас есть вопрос о Weber Smokey Joe Premium или вам нужна помощь? Задайте свой вопрос здесь

Технические характеристики Weber Smokey Joe Premium

Бренд Weber
Модель Smokey Joe Premium
Изделие Барбекю
EAN 77924003134, 77924003837, 77924007194, 77924007361, 77924007378, 77924029936, 77924029967
Язык русский, английский, датский, немецкий, испанский, Финляндия, французский, итальянский, голландский, норвежский, польский, шведский
Тип файла PDF
Возможность встраивания Нет
Цвет товара Синий
Форма поверхности приготовления Круглый
Материал корпуса Стальной
Формат Казан
Тип верхней поверхности Решетка
Крышка Да
Общая мощность - W
Тип Барбекю
Источник тепла Древесный уголь
Функция копчения -
Площадь поверхности для готовки 1075 cm²
Диаметр поверхности для приготовления 370 mm
Колёсики для транспортировки Нет
Ноги Да
Количество ножек 3 ножка(и)
Вес и размеры
Ширина 361 mm
Глубина 420 mm
Высота 432 mm
Вес 4400 g

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