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Mi Wi Fi Router 2 Description of connectors and buttons

Quick Setup

We thank you for choosing Mi Wi router with a hard drive

1 / 6TB! For starting a new Smart life need to be done just

3 steps:

1. Connect power and cable

Connect the power adapter,

then plug the external network

cable into the appropriate

socket of the router.

* Connect one end of the

cable to the ber / home

gateway / ADSL modem.

If you are missing the above

devices, connect the router to

a home network cabling.

2. Connecting to the Wi


Use your smartphone or

computer to nd and connect

to a new created network Wi

Xiaomi _ xxxx.

3. Open a web browser or

mobile application

For a successful

authorization Mi Wi router,

visit miwi.com or specify

the IP address of the modem, for router

application download, you

can also scan the QR-code.

* Skip this step if you

connect the router to the

computer via the network


* XXXX last 4 MAC-address

of the router, to check

conrmation see the bottom

of the router

Power Power button to turn on / o the device (one click)

Reset Reset button to reset the router (under normal operating condition, press

and hold the button until the blue color changes to yellow)

12V --- 3A jack for power for connecting the power adapter and power supply for


USB port for external USB devices (supports USB2.0)

Gigabit LAN port 1-3

for connecting the network cable

Gigabit WAN port

for connecting router to the outside network

Description of indicators

Dim color: o or no power

Yellow: power on / o

Blue: during normal operation

Red: in case of problems with the operation of the device

(see item "Frequently Asked Questions")


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